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Flower Panels & Rose Backdrops For Home Flower Board

Flower Panels

Featuring natural-looking silk Roses, Hydrangea flowers, and other types of mixed flower wall panels wholesale that will create a visually stunning décor anywhere you need a pop of life! Intricately handcrafted floral tiles with brilliant finishing, perfect for where complete concealment is required. Create mesmerizing backdrops, photo backgrounds, wall coverings, fence accents, build hedges, lush passage way or paths, or even vertical gardens with our life-like flower board.

Our silk flower walls are masterfully and flawlessly attached to a sturdy plastic netting that is bendable, trimmable, and can easily be attached to most structures. Connect two or more ageless flower wall panels wedding backdrop for longer presentations, or cut it with a pair of scissors into creative shapes and dimensions to match your event and wedding. For a truly mesmerizing look, adorn this faux flower wall with our Giant Foam Flowers, Ivy Garlands, Silk Petals, Foam Letters and Banners, and other dream-like accessories.

Our gorgeous Flower Panel Backdrops can be linked together to make superb artificial flower wall panels wholesale installations for your wedding ceremony or reception. Devise a focal point with our flower wall panels wholesale at the sweetheart table, dessert table, escort card table, altar, ceremony entrance, or as a magnificent photo booth backdrop for you and your visitors.

Rose Backdrop
Flower Board

Weave a dazzling ambiance with Silk Roses, Hydrangea Flowers, and other types of mixed flower wall panels wholesale from Tableclothsfactory. Our flower wall decor panels are ideal for creating a delightful atmosphere for weddings, parties, functions, and trade conference stands. Utilize it at home after the ceremony is over - this flower wall backdrop is easy to store and is usable for recurring events!

Take the time to make the most crucial areas of your celebration stand out with our Silk Roses & Hydrangeas Flower Wall Backdrop Panels. These impressive backdrops are excellent for behind sweetheart, cake, dessert, guest of honor, and head tables! They're also notably famous for photography and photo booth backdrops. Utilize them for wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers, anniversary parties quinceaneras - name it, and they'll fit in like a glove!




1. How to make a flower wall at home ?

Ans: Flower wall backdrops are awesome decorations for almost all types of events, weddings, and special occasions. But not only that, because they are actually a nice ornament to display on living room and bedroom walls, dorms, and even the office. With just a few easy steps, you can make a gorgeous DIY flower wall backdrop in no time. It’s really that simple!

  • Start by measuring the area where you will place your artificial flower panels.
  • Next, decide on how many floral panels you will need to create the backdrop.
  • Once done, assemble the artificial flower wall panels wholesale and connect them together. Style according to your preferred shape and dimensions by cutting with a pair of scissors.
  • After that, you can now hang your faux flower wall with a staple gun for drywalls or stronger adhesive for brick and concrete walls.

2. How many flowers do you need for a flower wall ?

Ans: Transform those dreary white walls into an enchanting flower haven with our easy-to-install flower wall panels. However, before you can purchase the flower panels, you will need a rough estimate of the home wall decor you will need, and that will depend on the dimension of the surface you are applying it to. 

You can also add a few extra pieces of floral wall panels to the result of your calculation in case you change your mind and want a larger flower wall. Once you have the approximate number of panels needed to cover the surface area where you want to install your flower wall design, check out the guide below.

  • 8x8 FT Wall - 24 (2 Case)
  • 9x9 FT Wall - 31 (2 Case + 7 Panels)
  • 10x10 FT Wall - 38 (3 Case + 2 Panels)

3. How to hang flower wall panels ?

Ans: Artificial flower walls are known for their versatility as they can be styled according to the event or home décor theme. If you're looking to enhance your home space or lend a touch of understated elegance, TableclothsFactory’s flower wall background is the way to go.

With our natural-looking flower wall, you can quickly enhance areas in your home that need a touch of freshness and color. Simply use command hooks, thumbtacks, nails, screws, or staples to attach the flower panels bulk to a solid or drywall. For free-standing systems, zip ties, tinsel stems, floral wire, velcro straps, or S-hooks can be used to secure them to backdrop stands and crossbars. 

The mechanism you use to install your artificial flower wall backdrop will depend on your personal preference and the surface where you are attaching them. Whether in the outdoor patio area or inside your home, our flower wall for sale is the perfect inexpensive home decor alternative to fresh flowers and the best part is you don't have to worry about them withering away.

4. Where to buy flower wall panels ?

Ans: Are you trying to liven up the atmosphere in your home interiors but just couldn't find the right design element to do it? TableclothsFactory's silk flower walls are available in various styles and sizes, which are perfect for adding extra personality to any room, in a price range that is very pocket-friendly.

Our 3D flower wall decor includes fantastic silk rose and hydrangea floral mats as well as other beautiful silk flowers that will look stunning as living room or dining room wall art. Get creative with our durable and flexible bedroom flower walls that are available in many splendid colors and create the perfect wall covering installations with these amazing DIY floral backdrop

Plus, these flower boards are easy to install as an alternative to greenery garlands, draperies, and sequin backdrops. Design the perfect wall accent for your interior with one of the most economical alternatives to fresh flowers that fit perfectly in any space in your home.

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