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Gingham Ribbons

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Gingham Ribbons


Looking for something timeless and plain at the same time to spruce up your favors, pew bows, headpieces, apparels, or table centerpieces? Look no further than our collection of gingham rolls. Made from thick cloth, these ribbons can hold their shape just like a check wired ribbon.

If you swoon over that old good classic gingham pattern, we’ve got you covered with our 25 yard 3/8'' gingham checkered ribbon and 25 yards 5/8'' DIY divergent checkered gingham ribbon – whether you need a yellow gingham ribbon, red gingham ribbon, black and white gingham ribbon, or green gingham ribbon to go along with your gingham, lace, burlap, or polyester linens, you won’t leave our online store without a purchase. In case you are on the lookout of that extravagant chessboard design, we can help you with our 25 yard 5/8'' DIY gingham checkered ribbon or 25 yard 5/8'' DIY gingham checkered ribbon – available in a rainbow of hues, these modish trims will keep your status elevated as a fashion star all year round.

We realize that finding high-grade artistic tools without breaking the banks is challenging. At TableclothsFactory, we offer high-quality gingham check ribbons at rock-bottom prices. Whichever project is on your mind and no matter how many ribbons it calls for, don’t waver to stop by our collection and start bringing your creative ambitions to life!

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