Girls' Baby Shower Linens


Girls' Baby Shower Linens

Girls' Baby Shower Linens

Transform your event into a unique experience for your invitees using our amazing collection of Girls' Baby Shower Linens. These linens can enhance the thematic appeal of your party and can create a wholesome experience for your guests.

Here are some of the distinct party ideas that will make everyone want to be on your guest list. Use these ideas to keep the attendees engaged so that they can have a gala time at the party. Decorate your tables with our Two Layered Tulle & Satin Table Skirt for that delicate feminine flair. Laying down the Big Sequin Pink Payette Table Runners is a perfect way to celebrate girl power. Pink Spandex Chair Sashes with attached round diamond buckles make a great accessory for girls’ baby shower theme decorations.

Baby Shower Dessert Table
Baby Shower Tablecloth

Celebrate your next baby shower with our Girls' Baby Shower Linens and fill the party with the right baby shower decor and energy. Turn your plain, lackluster chairs into royal seats with our Rosette Chiavari Chair Caps Cover. It is time to take a deep plunge and collect the sparkling linens for tables and chairs for your next party now.




1. How to set a table for a baby shower ?

Ans: Baby shower table settings are vital on the baby shower items list as they help ensure the success of your event. And with the proper baby shower food table set up, you can create a good atmosphere for an indoor or outdoor baby shower. 

There are several baby shower table set up ideas available that you can consider and recreate, depending on your chosen theme. Here are some things worth paying attention to when setting the table for a baby shower.

  • Deciding on the best seating arrangement is also a part of planning a baby shower. You will want to have a seating plan that allows your guest to sit and see everyone else. 
  • Next, decorate the baby shower table according to the baby's gender or theme color palette. Choose high-quality baby shower tablecloths and napkins and further enhance the place setting by accessorizing with cohesive charger plates and napkin rings.
  • Plan the placement of the baby shower dessert table and baby shower gift table. It is better to set them somewhere in the room or venue where they will not be in the way but can be easily accessed by everyone. 
  • For your selection of snacks and finger food, arrange them on decorative trays or serving plates and bowls. Also, place utensils, cups, drinks, condiments, punch bowls, and whatever else you may be serving.

2. How to decorate a baby shower chair ?

Ans: Not so sure on how to decorate a baby shower chair for your wife, mom, sister, or any special woman for her baby shower party? Here, we listed four simple baby shower chair for mom ideas so you don't have to think any more about how to decorate mom to be a baby shower chair.


  • Before you begin, envision the placement of the latex balloons or balloon garland on the baby shower throne chair by drawing your plan on a piece of paper.
  • Pump air into balloons of different sizes.
  • Tie the balloons together with a short garter. Then, narrow your balloon bundle into two or three so you can quickly secure them on the chair.
  • Insert a few balloons between the spaces of the baby shower seat.
  • Keep the balloons on the outside of the chair’s frame first. Then, gradually work towards the center until the outside of the chair’s backrest is covered with balloons of different sizes and colors.


  • Prepare your chair by covering it with a blush universal satin chair cover to keep it simple and help emphasize your ribbon design. You can use a satin, tulle, chiffon ribbon roll in a color fitting to your theme.
  • Next, wrap your ribbon around the backrest of your chair. Make sure the other end is at least ½-inch longer.
  • Then, tug the ribbon and place the longer end over the shorter end. Pull the longer one from under to tie it and tighten the tie.
  • Keep this knot secured while you fold the left side into half of a ribbon bow. Then, place the right end over the half-bow and under to tie it.
  • Finally, stretch the fabric to make your bubble bigger. That’s how you tie a bow for your baby shower chair.

Cutouts and Flowers

  • This method is ideal for chairs with rails and spindles. Prepare your decorative cutouts, such as a “Mommy To Be” lettering made with glitter foam sheet or an alphabet stickers banner and gorgeous silk flowers for accent. 
  • To add flair to your baby shower chair decorations, use a chiffon ribbon to secure the cutout to the chair’s frame.
  • Top it off with decorative flowers. Place them on top of your chair or put them at the bottom to make it look like a bouquet. You can also surround your cutout with small decorative bouquets.

Chair Sash

  • Start by choosing a shade that matches your chosen theme. For a girl's baby shower, a pink color scheme with a hint of gold color is highly recommended to keep your design interesting.
  • Quickly transform a drab-looking chair into a gorgeous baby shower chair by dressing it up with lovely baby shower chair covers and finishing it off with a chair sash of your choice.
  • You can also accent the chair with a chair cushion for added comfort and style, and complement your design by draping a sequined chair sash vertically over the chair.

3. How to decorate a baby shower cake table ?

Ans:  One thing that spectacular baby showers and parties have in common is that they have jaw-dropping cake or dessert tables. It’s what guests can't wait to see, so other than tempting their taste buds with sumptuous and mouth-watering treats, it's also important to present a gorgeous baby shower dessert table backdrop that matches your girl baby shower themes.

Tastefully incorporate a beautiful vibrant or soft pink color palette throughout the girl baby shower dessert table by covering it with an alluring pink toned tablecloth. Then embellish with fancy baby shower table runners to add charm and interest to your table decor. However, if you don't like table runners, spruce up and enhance the thematic appeal of your dessert tables with stunning table overlays.

It is also advisable to decorate the star of the dessert table, which is the cake and myriad of treats, according to your chosen baby shower colors for girls. You can add optional embellishments such as beautiful flower arrangements, balloon garlands, alphabet banners, and paper tassel garlands for a chic dessert table.

4. How to make a tulle table skirt for a baby shower ?

Ans: Tulle table skirts are known for their fine, smooth, and flowing texture. In addition to hiding those unappealing table legs, covering the dessert table with a tulle skirt is sure to add a dramatic yet beautiful feminine vibe while still sticking to the color scheme of your cute girl baby shower themes.

You don't have to make your own DIY tulle table skirt as it will require a lot of work and time. Planning a baby shower already takes a lot of work, so you can skip searching for tips and tricks for a DIY tulle table skirt off your to-do list. Just choose from the charming tulle table skirts from TableclothsFactory’s Girls' Baby Shower Linens collection and you will get a stunning result once you add the decorations and other table accessories.

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