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Greenery & Flower Wall Panels


Greenery & Flower Wall Panels

Needless to say, while growing a grass & flower wall can take a lot of time, purchasing one can entail maintenance issues. In case you want a greenery & flower wall panels to decorate your wall right now, please consider grass and flower wall décor collection from tableclothsfactory.

Made from durable plastic and latex, our artificial grass backdrop imitates the natural construction and color of real plants, meaning that these darlings can buy everyone before they realize they are not real. Clad onto a sturdy plastic net, these fake grass squares offer maximum flexibility and hassle-free installation – feel free to cut them into any shape and connect using special clips. Each pack contains 4 artificial grass squares of 11 Sq. ft. Depending on which effect you are looking to produce, feel free to choose among our artificial purple green boxwood hedge faux foliage green fern flower garden wall mat, artificial red green boxwood hedge faux fern flower foliage green garden wall mat, artificial boxwood hedge faux genlisea with colorful flowers foliage green garden wall mat, and more.

Whichever green grass wall is to your heart consent, it is highly recommended to augment its visual appeal manifold with the help of our giant flowers, flower garlands, inflated letters and numbers, balloons, draperies, or whatever you find suitable at our versatile online store.

At tableclothsfactory, we realize that keeping real plants fresh-looking is difficult without a struggle. To make things easier without compromising on the result, we’ve got you covered with our collection of grass & flower wall décor. Please drop by it now to see what we have to offer!

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