Greenery Panels


Greenery Panels

Are you dreaming about Instagram-worthy photos in front of a vertical garden? There’s no need to grow one from scratch – with our grass flower wall collection, you can have one in no time. Made from artificial grass, our faux grass wall covering mimics the appearance of real foliage. Set on bendable netting, these grass panels for garden walls are easy to cut into any shape.

Whichever effect you are looking to produce, our grass wall backdrop collection won’t leave you disappointed. For example, if you need classic grass wall mat covering, we are at your service with our Lime Green Genlisea, Baby Green Leaves Foliage, or Flowery Fern & Clover Foliage, to name just a few – each of these green grass walls looks perfect when coupled with our giant foam, paper, or foil flowers. For your autumn-inspired party, we can suggest to you our Elliptical Foliage, White Tips Genlisea, Purple Fern Flower Foliage, and beyond. Meanwhile, our grass flower wall decor will invite spring into your home even though it is snowing outside.

At TableclothsFactory, we strive to make your life easier and more enjoyable. With our collection of garden wall panels, you can forget about wilted blooms and fallen-off leaves – our life-like faux boxwood panels will please your eyes all year round. Please stop by our collection to see for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to make a grass backdrop ?

Ans: From rooftop parties to bridal showers, having an artificial grass backdrop adds a special personalized touch to your events. Here is how to make your very own grass wall decor so you can get the party started.

  • Prepare the frame for your fake grass backdrop. You can buy a portable pipe and drape kit or create the frame from scratch with PVC or plywood. 
  • Once you have your frame ready, assemble and join the grass panels. Next, fasten the panels to your frame using zip ties or screws for PVC, and nails or staple gun for plywood.
  • The last part is to add other decorations you have. Depending on the theme of the party, you can decorate with balloons, foam flowers, garlands, hanging decor, LED lights, and many more.

2. How many boxwood panels do I need ?

Ans: Adding a fresh and earthy vibe to events has never been easier with TableclothsFactory's artificial grass wall panels. First, you need to measure out the space you'd like to cover. Once you have the total area, refer to the guide below.

No. of Panels Required:

  • 8x8 FT Wall - 24 (1 Case)
  • 9x9 FT Wall - 31 (1 Case + 7 Panels)
  • 10x10 FT Wall - 38 (1 Case + 14 Panels )

3. How to stick artificial grass to a wall ?

Ans: You will need the correct tools depending on the type of surface you are fixing your artificial grass wall to.

  • brick or cement - use a hammer to drill the nails on a brick or cement surface
  • wood or drywall - use a hammer, nails, and a staple gun.
  • fences/meshes - use cable ties
  • metal fences - use a timber beam, nails, and a drill to install.

4. Where to get greenery for wedding ?

Ans: Find the perfect greenery for weddings and other events at TableclothsFactory! You can narrow down your search by checking our collection of Artificial Grass Decor and Grass Walls & Panels. Provide tons of texture and add shape and color to any celebration with a versatile faux grass backdrop that can be the cherry on top of any floral arrangement.  

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