Hanging Ceiling Decorations


Innovative And Trendy Hanging Ceiling Decorations!

Hanging Ceiling Decorations

Now you can make your wedding truly spectacular with our ceiling draping kit. Rather, our ceiling drapes will promote festive fervor in your celebration instantly. We offer you a wide variety of Hanging Ceiling Decorations – which you will love! You may choose the ceiling draping techniques that you want - to create the unique look that you want for your reception!

We offer black ceiling drapes to provide the perfect wedding drapery to your outdoor wedding - as your guests will love to sit under their shade and get protection from the glaring sunlight! Also, you may opt for a glittering ceremony under our silver ceiling drapes – that look charming both indoors & outdoors! Next, add a regal hue to this glitter with our 40ft gold ceiling drapes that you can easily hang from curtain rods!

You can be as innovative with our white tassel curtain as you want to be. You may hang it on the doors or line your passage with it – the choice is yours! Besides, we also offer crystal beaded curtain that has a charm of their own. You may use it or our lavender silk tassel curtain to decorate your ceiling, walls, windows, doors, or just divide a room!

We also have great paper hanging decorations in cool, vibrant tones that will set the mood for your events such as pom poms and lanterns, which are great for an elegant bridal shower or wedding ceiling decor. If you’re throwing a school event or birthday bash, then our hanging garlands may be more your style. 

Hanging Ornaments
Wedding Drapery

Bringing in decorative hanging ornaments from ceiling also virtually guarantees a breathtaking effect to create the ambiance you are hoping for. From suspended chandeliers to ceiling draping kits and kissing flower balls, these unique home decor items will definitely give a fanciful touch to any room.

We share your sentiments about using ceiling draping kits and hanging wedding decorations to add splendor to your reception. At TableclothsFactory.com, we strive to offer you top quality products that you would love to use for your other events too. Visit us to explore our wide range of colors, textures, designs, and styles!

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to hang decorations from ceiling ?

Ans: Regardless of what you're trying to hang, be it a party decoration or a more permanent decoration, there are many different options for tackling the job. As long as the items you have are lightweight, like streamers, using sticky tacks, double adhesives, or masking tape is probably the best option, and it's something you'll typically have around the house.

If your items are heavy, taping them just isn't enough. If you are looking for a more permanent solution and don't mind drilling through the ceiling, you can attach thumbtacks, hooks, or nails to the ceiling, which will allow for a stronger mounting and will also last longer over time.

2. How to drape a ceiling with fabric ?

Ans: Ceiling drapes can drastically change a dull, unattractive area into an intimately sophisticated or celebratory atmosphere fitting for a wedding reception and other functions. 

  • First, locate the middle of one of the lengths of fabric. Gather the fabric in your hand and fasten with a cord, string, or fishing line. 
  • Append to the ceiling beam or fan in the middle of the room, letting the fabric drape and swirl. 
  • Settle the drape to the wall or the next ceiling fan or beam. 
  • Continue installing the ceiling drapes until they look proportional and pleasing to the eye. 
  • Spaces can be left open in between rows and filled with fairy string lights and Chinese lanterns. Hang the lanterns or fairy string lights using a fishing line to give the illusion that they are floating.

3. How to hang paper fans from ceiling ?

Ans: To hang paper fans from the ceiling, you'll first want to determine how much headroom you are ready to take up with the paper folding fan. In low-ceilinged spaces, you can cut shorter lengths of wire so guests don't bump into paper fans. Attach hooks to the hanging decor or use a piece of tape, paperclip, and hole punch to make your own. Pass the cable through the hook and secure it to the ceiling with tape.

4. How do you hang pom poms from the ceiling ?

Ans: Pom poms can be used in a variety of ways to enhance a room, adding character and color to the decor. Select your pom pom attachments correctly by regarding the size and weight of the pom poms if you want to attach them to the ceiling.

  • Attach light tissue paper pom poms to the ceiling with double-sided tape, poster adhesive strips, or poster putty.
  • Remove the back of the adhesive hooks and stick them to the ceiling where you want to hang the pom poms. 
  • For heavier pom poms such as full-size pom poms used by cheerleaders, screw the hooks into the ceiling.

5. Where to buy hanging ceiling decor ?

Ans: Leave no one hanging for more with the addition of hanging ceiling decorations at your next function. Guests will have a smashing good time when they see fluffy decorations that give a 3D feel or eye-popping chandeliers that shine attached to the ceiling. Add a bold accent to your color scheme with our whimsical hanging ornaments from ceiling over doorways and above tables.

Use our highly creative decorating material to give a splash of color and texture to your party space. Vibrant drapes are available in a variety of colors, including black, gold, rose gold, white, and silver. For more hanging decoration ideas, browse TableclothsFactory's eccentric, playful, and inviting hanging ceiling party decorations.

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