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Hanging Mirror Balls

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Hanging Mirror Balls

You can kick off a party anywhere with our collection of hanging disco balls. Made from foam and covered with myriad of tiny mirror pieces, each and every glitter ball from our online store can transform any place into a groovy dance floor.

Available in an enormous variety of sizes, our disco mirror balls can be used everywhere. For your classic disco dance event, you shouldn’t look any further than our 20" groovy glass mirror disco ball or  24" groovy glass mirror disco ball – to enhance the visual effect of these mirrored disco balls, it is highly recommended to attach two spotlights to the ceiling. For your backdrops, we suggest using our 12'' groovy glass mirror disco ball, 10'' groovy glass mirror disco ball, or 8'' groovy glass mirror disco ball. To elevate your tablescape to a whole new level, you can arrange our smaller-sized mirror balls into a bedazzling table runner. Whichever size you choose – 20- or 6-inch mirror ball – feel free to add foil, sequin, glitter, and other disco party accessories from our online store.

We understand that sometimes it’s challenging to make a crowd dance. With our mirror ball & disco ball collection from tableclothsfactory, your invitees will be indulged in disco till the dawn. Whether you are looking for a 6" mirror ball for your centerpiece or a 24" one for your dance floor, please don’t pass by our collection!

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