Hanging Paper Lanterns & Paper Pom Poms


Hanging Paper Lanterns & Paper Pom Poms

Hanging Paper Lanterns

Bring a vibrant yet down-to-earth feel to your wedding receptions with unique Hanging Paper Lanterns & Paper Pom Poms. If you want every part of your party space to be covered in trendy and chic adornments, then these super versatile hanging decors are just what you need. Add visual interest and texture to any particular area of your event by hanging them from the ceiling above party tables or your gift table.

You can create one-of-a-kind wedding reception table centerpieces for a relatively low price with the help of Tableclothsfactory’s selection of stylish Chinese paper lanterns. This option brings a soft, delightful glow (especially when paired with LED lantern lights) to your table centerpieces. Pair them with ribbons, fresh flowers, pom pom garland, and tulle for unique paper lantern table centerpieces that honor your personality. Use these paper lantern 24 inch centerpiece ideas to create the tables of your dreams without breaking the bank!

The beauty of Hanging Paper Lanterns & Paper Pom Poms is that they are meant to be hung. You can use affordable hanging lanterns for centerpieces with a floating vibe, effectively adding some extra height, color, and dimension to each table. You'll want to choose paper lantern 24 inch globes if you plan to style your centerpiece with a single lantern or opt for two or three 20 inch paper lantern for a polka-dotted effect.

Paper Pom Poms
Tissue Paper Garland

This Chinese paper lantern is perfect for a more traditional wedding reception table design and centerpieces that use paper lanterns instead of vases to bridge the gap between casual and classic. Using whatever lantern size and shape you prefer (particularly one with an enclosed bottom, such as a globe- or oblong-shaped lantern), you can use the opening of this lantern as a makeshift vase for flowers.

If you're looking for low-cost table centerpieces for wedding styles that skew informal, then you'll love the idea of topping off your unconventional centerpieces with a paper lantern restaurant. It will add texture, color, and excitement to any kind of table decor when you wrap your vases in a small white or colored paper lantern in Japanese lights. If you're searching for affordable lighting ideas for table centerpieces, our Hanging Paper Lanterns & Paper Pom Poms are the best option.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy paper pom poms ?

Ans: If you want to deck out your events with tissue paper pom poms for an effect that's endlessly charming, look no further than TableclothsFactory.com. We like to give you lots of choices, which is why we have several sizes available ranging from 6" to 16". Searching for something smaller? Try making garlands out of our 6" tissue paper poms.

We also have our tissue paper balls in various exciting colors so you can create your own color palette. Very lightweight, these pom poms can be suspended from almost anywhere: ceilings, branches, chandeliers, and more. When it comes to embellishing with tissue balls, we say two is never enough.

2. How to hang tissue paper pom poms from ceiling ?

Ans: You can use tissue pom poms in many ways to decorate a room, adding texture and color to the decoration. Choose your paper pom pom flower accessories carefully considering the size and weight of the pom poms if you want to hang them from the ceiling. For lighter tissue paper pom poms, use double-sided tape, poster adhesive strips, or poster putty to attach to the ceiling.

Poster adhesive strips are similar to double-sided tape, but they are thicker and larger. Stick self-adhesive hooks to the ceiling for the hook to hang down and use for medium-weight pom poms such as small to medium-sized fabric ones. The quality adhesive hooks are designed for easy removal without leaving marks.

For full-size pom poms cheerleaders use, drill screw hooks into the ceiling. Choose a location carefully because they will leave holes in the ceiling. If your roof is not solid, you may want to use hooks with anchors that extend into the opening to help hold the pom poms.

3. How to hang paper lanterns ?

Ans: Whether you're planning a large, elaborate gala or just want to add some charm to your outdoor space with fancy Chinese paper lanterns, knowing how to hang them can be very helpful. First things first: gather your supplies. To properly hang your lanterns, you'll need a few basics: hooks, scissors, a ladder, string, or fishing line, and if you want to add a built-in fixture, an LED flashlight light kit.

To hang paper lanterns from the ceiling, you'll first want to decide how much headroom you are willing to take up with the lantern. In low-ceilinged spaces, you can cut shorter lengths of wire so guests don't bump into lanterns. Attach hooks to the lantern or use a piece of tape, paperclip, and hole punch to make your own. Pass the cable through the hook and secure it to the ceiling with tape.

4. Where to find paper lanterns ?

Ans: If you're looking for chic hanging paper lanterns to effortlessly decorate and create a whimsical party atmosphere, TableclothsFactory's festive round paper lanterns are just what you are searching for. Easily mix and match with themed or other solid colored decors to create a unique party ambiance for birthdays, holidays, graduations, and other events. Our premium paper lantern decorations are also available in other fun colors that pair well with our other paper products - paper hand fans, paper straws, and tissue paper pom-poms, so you can certainly complete the look of your party decor!

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