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Hanging Terrarium

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Hanging Terrarium


If you are looking for an unusual way of displaying your favorite plants, blossoms, candles, or vase fillers, look no further than our collection of Hanging Glass Terrariums Wholesale. Handblown from heavy-duty glass, our Hanging Glass Terrarium can withstand extensive use and are versatile enough to be used within different styles and occasions.

Available in a plethora of shapes, these Hanging Glass Planters can become a part of any theme. Thus, if you are planning to assemble a breathtaking backdrop or a centerpiece for your Easter party, we are at your service with our 6'' air plant glass terrarium egg shaped plant holders - just make sure to fill them with seasonal blossoms to infuse your space with that springtime flair. Love the idea with light bulbs repurposed into Hanging Glass Terrariums Wholesale? There is no need to rack your brains over how to make a terrarium out of a bulb – simply decorate your ceilings, tables, windows, doorways, or backdrops with our 5'' air plant glass terrarium light bulb hanging plant holders! Whichever shape you choose, don’t hesitate to fill your terrariums with plants, blossoms, candles, beads, diamonds, lights, or whatever crosses your mind! Those who are looking for something truly tantalizing shouldn’t look any further than our collection of artificial plants, which offers the best succulents for Hanging Terrarium and Hanging Glass Terrariums Wholesale.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that you strive to make your décor stand out from the rest. To this end, we’ve got you covered with swanky Hanging Glass Terrariums Wholesale and Terrarium Hanging Glass that will definitely take your backdrops and centerpiece to the next level of sophistication. To learn more about our Globe Terrariums and make sure how budget-friendly they are, please don’t hesitate to hit our selection right away!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where can I buy ready made terrarium ?

Ans: Terrariums are miniature, self-contained ecosystems that bring the calming beauty of nature right into your home or workplace. You can get a ready-made terrarium online if you don’t have the time or interest to make your own. But if you have changed your mind, you can create your own maintenance-free indoor garden under glass with TableclothsFactory's collection of hanging glass terrariums, wall planters, and all the other necessary supplies you will need to start putting together a small terrarium to brighten your home.

2. How to make a sand terrarium ?


  • You want to start by setting your base color. Then pile other colors of sand around the edges of the hanging glass terrarium to create little drifts. Continue until you have created something that makes you happy. 
  • Add a layer of small pebbles to hold the sand in place and help with drainage. 
  • Create a hole in the center and place your succulents. Add a little more soil if necessary to cover the roots. Then add bigger rocks, crystals, driftwood, moss, or whatever you want to complete the design.

3. How to plant succulents in hanging terrarium ?

Ans: Succulents have been growing in popularity because of how they add vitality and freshness to any space. Create unique decorations that you can enjoy all year round, give them as unique gifts, or simply let them hang by your window. Just put some soil inside your hanging glass air plant terrarium, then arrange the artificial succulents inside by pushing them in with the end of a spoon or paintbrush. Cover the soil with little rocks, pebbles, or dried moss and you are all set.

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