Haute Couture Fabric Bolts


Haute Couture Fabric Bolt

If you are a creative bride or an event planner with an eye for fashion, you probably know that an haute couture garment is often sewn from the unusual fabric of high quality. To this end, whenever you are looking to treat your guests with haute couture linens or draperies, you can’t do without our collection of couture fabric bolts.

Do you need a 3D rosette satin fabric bolt to transform your party venue into a rare garden full of lush, open roses? Your roses will never wither if you choose to decorate with our 3d rosette satin fabric bolt, which comes in champagne, ivory, red, rose gold, and white. Are you dreaming about an azure sea on a windy day? Your dreams will come true with our wave satin fabric bolt – the astonishing wavy layers of glistening satin will glam up your attire or ambiance manifold! Those who are looking for something translucent and glistening at the same time won’t be able to ignore our tulle satin fabric bolt with its shimmery satin ribbons twirling and swirling into lovely roses atop an awe-inspiring see-through tulle.

As a fashion-minded and creative person, you may find high-grade fabrics necessary for your future projects. Whether your DIY project calls for a couture tulle fabric bolt, satin rosette fabric, or roll of lace fabric, please look no further than our collection of couture fabric bolts from tableclothsfactory.

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