Kissing Balls


Kissing Balls

You can make your wedding celebration unique with our rose, dahlia, boxwood, or hydrangea kissing balls. We offer a wide range of kissing balls for wedding centerpieces to make your event beautiful. You will love our burgundy kissing balls, as well as others in various exotic hues as you use them for decorating your reception!

Your party becomes lovely with our Silk Rose Pomander Kissing Ball – as these pretty flowers will not wilt or fade like real flowers! In fact, you may use our Silk Hydrangea Kissing Flower Balls for your outdoor event too as you do not have to take care of them to make them remain fresh throughout your event. This is why you would love to add royal splendor to your party with our royal blue kissing balls!

Your table will look awesome with our Cream Flower Ball Silk Rose Pomander Kissing Balls as its centerpiece! Besides, you can use our Coral Silk Hydrangea Kissing Flower Balls as hanging decorations as you suspend them from the ceiling. Rather, you may hang our white artificial dahlia flower balls together in a cluster from your ceiling to create an amazing centerpiece and impress your guests!

At, we share your sentiments about making your bash special. We provide kissing ball centerpieces made from high-quality material to make them look elegant for a long time. You must visit our site to explore our vast array of choices in varied colors & styles to take your pick and make your event a grand success!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy kissing balls ?

Ans: Decorating functions with kissing balls is an excellent way to add intensity and elegance to your designs. Whether it's for a wedding or anniversary party, Tableclothsfactory's kissing balls will add charm and character wherever used as accent decors. Be sure to check out our wide selection of hurricane and trumpet vases for an even more immaculate presentation. Brooch pins, strands of pearl beads, or acrylic crystals can also be added to make them look more elaborate. We offer kissing ball centerpieces in a fabulous range of colors at an affordable price, so grab this opportunity to purchase a few pieces now and make meaningful occasions even more exceptional with our delightful flower kissing balls wholesale.

2. What is a kissing ball ?

Ans: Kissing balls or pomander balls is a styrofoam balls covered in fresh or silk flowers and other craft accessories, with a ribbon loop on top for easy handling. Brides sometimes have their flower girls hold one in place of a basket with petals if the wedding venue does not permit flower petals to be scattered. These centerpieces can also be made of sequins, felt, buttons, pearl beads, ribbons, pine cones, silk flowers, colorful fabric cutouts, and other accessories depending on your creative imagination. 

3. Where to hang kissing ball ?

Ans: These impressive hanging ornamentations can be used to enhance wedding aisles, beautify an outdoor arch, bay window, chandeliers, or lighting fixture, or as a replacement for flower girl baskets. They will also look solemn when added to wedding flowers to form a wedding arch or hang along wedding aisles as a boundary. Use these adorable kissing balls as a gorgeous hanging centerpiece, or place over tall vases for a chic combination. Exchange your worn-out garlands for a striking, beautiful kissing ball centerpiece. If you have a mirror above the mantle, place the kissing ball flowers so it hangs in the middle of the mirror, this way it looks better from all sides. These are just a few of the splendid ways to add radiance and charm to your decor with foam floral balls.

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