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Lanterns & Pom Pom Balls

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Lanterns & Pom Pom Balls

Bring a vibrant yet down-to-earth feel to your wedding tables with unique paper lantern outdoor lights. You can create one-of-a-kind wedding reception table centerpieces for a relatively low price with the help of a Chinese paper lantern from Tableclothsfactory. This option brings a soft, delightful glow (especially when paired with LED lantern lights) to your table centerpieces. Pair them with ribbons, fresh flowers, pom pom garland and tulle for unique paper lantern table centerpieces that honor your personality. Use these paper lantern 24 inch centerpiece ideas to create the tables of your dreams without breaking the bank!

The beauty of this paper lantern battery lights is that it's meant to be hung. You can use affordable hanging lanterns for centerpieces with a floating vibe, effectively adding some extra height, color, and dimension to each table. You'll want to choose paper lantern 24 inch globes if you plan to style your centerpiece with a single lantern or opt for two or three 20 inch paper lantern for a polka-dotted effect.

This Chinese paper lantern is perfect for a more traditional wedding reception table designs and centerpieces that use paper lanterns instead of vases to bridge the gap between casual and classic. Using whatever lantern size and shape you prefer (particularly one with an enclosed bottom, such as a globe- or oblong-shaped lantern), you can use the opening of this lantern as a makeshift vase for flowers.

If you're looking for low-cost table centerpieces for wedding styles that skew informal, then you'll love the idea of topping off your unconventional centerpieces with paper lantern restaurant. It will add texture, color, and excitement to any kind of table decor when you wrap your vases in a small white or colored paper lantern in Japanese lights. If you're searching for affordable lighting ideas for table centerpieces, our paper lantern outdoor lights are the best option.

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