Large Disco Ball


Start The Party With These Large Disco Ball Centerpieces!


Large Disco Ball

There's no party lighting that can make a crowd get down and boogie quite like a Large Disco Ball. This disco mirror ball will transform your party space into an instant dance floor and bring you back to all the fun and entertainment of the 70s, that is, if you are old enough to recall them. Even today, these rotating disco balls are a staple in the music and dance industry and is a preferred fixture for lighting dance floors, nightclubs, and party venues.

These party disco balls are crafted from high-quality faceted glass that is ultra-reflective and produces a wonderful lighting effect as it marks its essence as a timeless centerpiece engrained in time. Hang our 24" Rose Gold Glass Disco Mirror Balls with Hanging Ring that will continuously scatter light with luminous intensity, especially if it is illuminated by a spotlight positioned at a perfect angle.

Or you can try our Pack of 2 - 10" Red Disco Mirror Ball - Large Disco Ball with Hanging Swivel Ring that will bring an authentic disco vibe to any party. Also available is our 7" - 12 RPM Heavy Duty Rotating Disco Ball Motor that will give any party atmosphere a real touch of retro disco elegance as it spins. So you can enjoy a fascinating light display, each disco ball has been attached to a very durable swivel ring that fits perfectly into any sturdy ceiling arrangement.

Disco Mirror Ball
Party Disco Balls

Need a large disco ball that is ideal for use even at home? Not an issue because TableclothsFactory sells a range of cost-effective disco mirror balls huge enough to create a real party ambiance. So what are you waiting for? Create remarkable nights from school dances to weddings guests will always be delighted to remember by updating your party decorations now!


 Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What size disco ball do I need ?

Ans: There are a lot of factors that could impact your decision in choosing the size of a disco ball. Like the size of the room, where you plan on hanging it, and the height of the ceiling. In most cases, a 12” or 16” disco mirror ball will look great in smaller settings like dazzling up an apartment tablescape.

If you are planning to use it for a wedding party, you might want to go for our 20 inch disco ball for a not so over the top look. Our 16” and 20” rotating disco balls are a crowd favorite in bars and dance clubs. And don't forget our smaller size mirror balls that work best as party favors, trinkets, and ball ornaments for the holidays.

2. What is a disco ball made of ?

Ans: Our disco balls are made of a foam base and high-quality faceted glass that is ultra-reflective and produces a wonderful lighting effect when illuminated by a spotlight that is positioned at a perfect angle. For a hypnotic retro rhythm and authentic 70s disco theme vibe, they can be attached to a disco ball motor to spread light beams over wide areas.

3. Where to buy a disco ball ?

Ans: TableclothsFactory is your one-stop-shop if you're looking for the perfect party disco ball for weddings, dances, or any venue where you want to inspire slow dancing. Who can resist revealing their hidden dance moves under the evident glow of a rotating disco ball? If you're slowing the music down to a slow song, the aura from our large disco ball is sure to bring a sparkle of romance for couples in the audience.

4. How to hang a disco ball without motor ?

Ans: You can use screws and hooks particularly intended to secure objects to the ceiling, such as S-hook and swag hooks, which are a great choice for smaller, lighter balls. If your ball doesn't come with a chain or string to hang it on, use a monofilament fishing line to tie it to the hook on the ceiling.

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