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LED Candles

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LED Candles


Enjoy the romantic glow of flickering flames creating dancing silhouettes all around your space with our new and innovative flameless votive candles bulk. These best flameless candles will give you the illusion of real candles, flaunting the ambiance and realism of traditional open-flame candles, without the usual drawbacks involving unpleasant scents or waxy odors, and the inconvenience of wax that drips onto surfaces.

These LED votive candles in bulk are made from paraffin wax, these dancing candles are so realistic to the touch and look that it’s impossible to distinguish these most realistic flameless candles from traditional burning candles. While mimicking the glimmering glow of real candles, these flameless LED pillar candles bulk don’t involve burning wick, smoke or messy dripping wax, hence these can be left unattended in any room, even in the presence of kids and pets, without any concern of accidents involving burns and fires. Our modern, fast and effective realistic flameless tea lights will fulfill your heart desires of creating a luxuriously quixotic party ambiance with soft glowing flames of festive jollification.

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