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LED String Curtain Lights & Tassel Fringe

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LED String Curtain Lights & Tassel Fringe

It goes without saying that nothing can pull your decor together better than our bubbly collection of LED String Curtain Lights & Tassel Fringe. Whether you are looking to spruce up your drink station appearance, or your interior calls for a refreshing makeover, our collection of LED String Curtain Lights & Tassel Fringe
 is the best place to shop from.

Whenever you are planning to throw an oriental-style party, you will be needing our 3ft x 12ft silk tassel door string curtain. Featuring multiple silk tassels, organized in a neat row, our tassel fringe curtain comes in a variety of hues to suit any decor. Unlike other tassel fringe curtains, these can be used as door string curtains, window treatment panels, party backdrop draperies, and even as one-of-a kind linens for a buffet table. Whichever application suits your needs, our tassel fringe curtains are highly recommended to carry on with your oriental theme by adding our fans, parasols, rice paper lanterns, and even our 26ft string LED lights with 25 clear glass bulbs 8 mode dimmable warm white waterproof outdoor indoor patio - remote included.

Are you trying to sew LED Curtain Lights as curtain string lights onto an organza curtain? There’s no need to waste your time and cash – our 20ft x 10ft 600 sequential LED lights big photography organza curtain backdrop will allow you to get the best of both worlds in an instant. Moreover, these twinkling string curtains are available in blue, gold, silver, clear, and white, and these LED curtain lights double as romantic window drapes and stylish party backdrop.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that a single detail can make a big change. With our LED String Curtain Lights & Tassel Fringe collection, big changes do not mean big expenses – just visit us now to see for yourself!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to maintain LED String Curtain Lights ?

Ans: LED Curtain Lights must be strengthened to prolong their service life. To do this:

a. Carefully read the installation and operating instructions.
b. It is best not to clean these curtain string lights with water, simply wipe them with a dry cloth dampened with water instead.
c. If these LED curtain string lights accidentally get in contact with water, try to wipe them dry as quickly as possible.

2. How do you hang LED curtain lights ?

Ans: First, consider the decoration style you have envisioned, then measure the floor and ceiling height so that you can gather the materials you will need to suspend and hold the LED curtain lights like:

  • Light Clips – generally all-purpose clips that will work with any small-gauge set of lights
  • Surface Mount Clips – works well on fencelines
  • Tension rods - when hanging the curtain string lights from windows
  • Large adhesive hooks
  • Curtain rods already mounted on the wall
  • Zip ties – they work well in gazebos and pergolas if you don’t like to drill holes into wood

3. Do LED String Curtain Lights use a lot of electricity ?

Ans: LED curtain string lights have a long life span when stored properly and have the advantage of saving electricity as they only consume 80-90% less energy than incandescent bulbs, that's why they are greatly favored by outdoor enthusiasts.

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