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Marquee Letter Lights

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Marquee Letter Lights

It’s no secret that the easiest way to infuse any party space with a nostalgic flair is to use marquee letter lights. Though back in the day, they were mostly used in carnivals, today, we can see them everywhere, from weddings to bedrooms. In case you are also into this trend, there’s no need to search for DIY letter lights tutorials. Since we share your cravings for all things vintage, our online store offers a nice collection of marquee letters with lights.

Unlike their foam, wooden, and vinyl counterparts, our illuminated letters are made from galvanized metal, making them sturdy enough to offer a life expectancy of more than 20 years! Resistant to corrosion, both our 2 ft. vintage metal marquee letter lights cordless with 16 warm white led and 2 ft. vintage metal marquee number lights cordless with 16 warm white led are perfect for an indoor and outdoor use. Furthermore, all our marquee light up letters and numbers are extremely easy to use – since they are cordless, you can easily arrange them the way you find suitable. Moreover, each sign is operated separately with 2AA batteries, so once one of them stops to function, simply change the battery. With that being said, our illuminated letters and numbers are very versatile – they can be weaved into any décor, whether it is a disco event or a barn-chic wedding.

It goes without saying that new is well overlooked old, and our collection of marquee signs only proves this statement. Crafted from more reliable materials than their “ancestors”, our marquee illuminated signs from tableclothsfactory.com will make you look at old things in a different way. If you are interested, please don’t hesitate to drop by our marque collection!

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