Mini Craft Florals


Mini Craft Florals

Create a refreshing décor with our lightweight mini craft florals that are fashioned to impart a magical look to your home or event’s space. Made from a variety of materials like foam, silk, and polyester fabric, these small craft flowers mimic real flowers and seem they have been handpicked from gardens.

Available in a variety of hues, the soft and smooth mini faux flowers can be used in all varieties of crafting, favor making, gift adornments, party decoration, and other embellishing activities. Place our Fuchsia Rose Craft Flowers in silver vases for an ultimate visual experience. Make gorgeous flower arrangements with our Artificial Flower Heads in lavender color. 

Our faux Orchid Flowers mimic the natural texture and color tones of live orchids. Super sweet and super cute Mini Blue Artificial Foam Like Single Calla Lily Flowers is one of a kind and will breathe the freshness of nature into your décor. Add to the celebratory mood with our Diamond and Prosperity Butterflies.

Crafted to perfection with special attention, our mini flowers for crafts are unique and stand out from the rest when it comes to design, texture, and durability. These artificial mini flowers can be used in clear pots, jars, and vases, and placed atop tables in the home or office. Take a tour at Tableclothsfactory and choose the perfect mini craft florals to decorate your mini masterpieces.



1. How to make silk flower buds ?

Ans: You don't have to create beautiful silk flower buds from scratch if you want to make amazing flowers craft, imaginative floral arrangements, centerpieces, flower walls, or home decor. Use our gorgeous loose silk flower heads instead, which come in many colors and varieties, are made from premium silk, and will outlast real flowers.

The best part is these exquisite silk flower buds are always in season. There's a fuss-free silk craft flower to fit every taste and choice, whether you prefer a classic or contemporary design. Choose from soft pastel-colored craft peony flower heads as a fashionable floral accessory and art and craft flowers, or our big and soft artificial silk orchids to bring whimsy to reception tables. 

2. Where to buy mini craft roses ?

Ans: Looking for luscious foam roses that are lifelike and feel so natural to brighten up your home, event venue, and craft projects alike? Look no further because Tableclothsfactory has a dazzling selection of flowers for crafts to offer, including rose mini paper flowers, realistic faux floral bouquets, rose poly fabric flowers for crafts, and many more. 

Each beautiful mini craft rose will give a magnificent touch to a monogram on a flower wall, and add glamour to wedding arches, lapel boutonnieres, hair accessories, cake decor, and gift bows. While these lightweight roses have the appearance of real flowers, they are made to last, delivering year-round sophistication that can be reused for all of life's big moments. 

Now you can have fresh-looking crafts with flowers without the expense or upkeep of actual roses with our tiny flowers for crafts. You can rearrange these miniature flower heads into various combinations at any moment because you don't have to worry about their fragile state, unlike genuine roses.

3. Where can I buy craft flowers ?

Ans: Craft flowers, just like lush flowers and greenery, are used throughout the year and in all seasons, making them one of the ideal decoration components for any occasion. So whether you're looking to update the aesthetic of your home or event venue, our amazing assortment of faux flowers for crafts is the way to go.

Shop from our wide range of artificial mini flowers to find the perfect blooms that can easily complement your other wonderful embellishments. Choose small craft flowers like our silk peony flower heads for crafts, and challenge yourself to make some unique and intriguing floral elements for flower arrangements and centerpieces.

On the other hand, if you prefer a much fuller and wholesome floral arrangement, opt for our real-touch craft bouquet of flowers, which has a soft and smooth texture that closely resembles their real floral counterparts and is perfectly made for accentuating vases, candle holders, and arches. 

4. Where to buy foam flowers ?

Ans: Whether you're looking for craft flowers that look so realistic or you just love creating unique yet visually appealing arts and crafts projects with your kids, you may want to consider getting a bunch of glamorous foam flowers that are intricately designed to coordinate well with your event's overall themed decorations.

Check out TableclothsFactory's variety of foam craft flowers ranging from peacock artificial lilies in bulk to mixed realistic silk flowers, which are truly great options that are sure to impress your guests. These handcrafted flowers exude dazzling modernity with a touch of classic elegance, enlivening your centerpiece of floral arrangements and other decorative elements with their surprisingly natural look.

Show off your remarkable ingenuity by using stunning artificial flowers for crafts and other floral craft items to surprise your guests with your creations' captivating charm. These genuine foam crafting flowers can be used individually or in groups for an entirely different aesthetic effect.

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