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Bling Napkin Rings Bulk For Any Occasion!

Napkin Rings Bulk

Everything is already on, but your napkins look incomplete? To spruce them up, look no further than our collection of Napkin Rings Bulk. Crafted from high-quality materials, these linen and paper napkin rings will never grow old or shatter after your first event.

Choose from a variety of designs and finishes, these napkin holder rings can enhance and set off the most formal or casual tablescape. From Plated Aluminium to modern Rhinestone loops with velcro, you can find the perfect napkin folding with ring to suit your personal style.

Are you looking for copper or brass napkin rings, but your budget and the “unfriendly” prices are not on your side? You can tuck all your worries away with our vintage copper napkin rings with ribbed surface and fine edges – made with utmost intricacy to mimic those comely imperfections on antique metals, they will add a rustic appeal to your plain tabletop.

Update your party table with our Gold Plated Aluminium Alluring Napkin Rings. These shimmering beauties are a perfect addition to dinner sets and cutlery. Use them again and again to magnify the elegance of your dinner parties and other festive events.

Pull your linen table napkins through these beautiful, distinct Metallic Hammered Napkin Rings, and you'll design a truly polished table setting. Pair with warm shades and tones for a cohesive impact.

If your colorful acrylic charger plates require plastic napkin rings within the same style, feel free to shop our collection of acrylic napkin rings that come in a rainbow of shades. Give your dinner and banquet tables a sense of organization with these fancy loops.

Bling Napkin Rings
Wholesale Napkin Rings

Have a centerpiece with rhinestones or crystals? Carry on with your sparkly theme by embellishing your napkins with our Rhinestone Napkin Ring With Velcro and Bling Glass Crystal Gem Napkin Rings. Simply ensure sufficient lighting and these rhinestone napkin rings and bling napkin rings will sparkle like real gems!

Try using more than one style of wholesale napkin rings for bigger dinner parties. Plus, alternate cheap napkin ring sets between seats for an eye-catching look that runs across the tables. Or have fun by using sparkly rings and a contrasting one to complement each other on a single napkin. 

At TableclothsFactory, we realize that even the smallest detail can tie all the decorations together. Whenever you need gold, antique, bling, or beaded napkin rings, please don’t hesitate to hit up our collection – these surprisingly cheap wedding napkin rings and Napkin Rings Bulk will give your set up a glamorous finish.



Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to fold napkins with rings ?

Ans: There are many types of folding napkins with rings, depending on which ring you choose and how casual or elegant your party or event is. Here are some of the festive folds that will impress even the pickiest of guests and pep up your tablescapes.

The Silverware Pouch

  • Lay a square napkin facing up on a flat surface.
  • Fold in half towards you, then in half again, with the loose edges pointing to the right.
  • Fold a loose stitch from the bottom right corner to the top left corner diagonally; Grab the top two points with both hands and turn towards you.
  • Gather the right end of the napkin about a third of the way vertically to expose a small pocket; Fold the left edge vertically and tuck the bottom edge into the pocket.
  • Turn and insert cutlery.

The Classic Envelope

  • To start, place a square napkin (we chose Kate Spade's Make Lemonade) upside down on a flat surface and fold it diagonally so that two ends meet to form a triangle.
  • With the longest edge closest to you, fold each of the bottom stitches to approximately the midpoint of the edge, with the ends slightly overlapping.
  • Fold each square edge toward the center of the triangle about one or two inches. (Iron to form a fold if desired).
  • Fold the bottom edge over to where the folded edges end. Insert utensils. To secure the envelope, gather the remaining pointed edge towards you.

The Basic Ring Stuffer

  • Simply lay a square napkin face up (or with the pattern facing up) on a flat surface.
  • Pinch the center of the napkin and lift it up.
  • Insert the pinched end through the napkin ring, then extend the loose edges to the contents of your heart.

2. How to put napkins in rings ?

Ans: There is no faster and easier way to present your napkin than with a traditional napkin holder. Complementing your napkin takes just a few seconds and makes for an elegant dining experience. The easiest way to put napkins on a ring is to do the basic ring stuffer napkin fold. Just refer to the instructions above.

3. How to set a table with napkin rings ?

Ans: If you have napkin rings, insert the end of the napkin through the ring and place the napkin on the plate. If you don't have any, then you can just fold the napkin into a triangle and place it under the fork with the tip of the triangle facing out.

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