Napkin Rings


Napkin Rings

Everything is prepared for your event? Now, it’s time to think about details. Our disposable napkin rings wholesale from TableclothsFactory is a perfect opportunity to give the final touch to any napkins and save a significant amount without compromising on quality or visual appeal.

In case your plain napkins call for a little bit of sparkle, we can offer you our Diamond Rhinestone Napkin Ring With Velcro – don’t hesitate to combine these beaded napkin rings with our endless diamond DIY centerpieces, candles holders, favor holders, and beyond. If you want to transform your party into an antique feast, we suggest you beautify your napkin folding with rings using our Plated Aluminum Napkin Rings. Got a marble or wooden table or think that there’s nothing better than linen napkins and napkin rings? Look no further than our Rustic Burlap Napkin Rings, Handmade Braided Farmhouse Napkin Holders, which will look perfect in conjunction with our cactus tea light candles in wooden holders. Those who need inexpensive napkin holder rings to complement their colorful acrylic charger plates should consider our Acrylic Napkin Rings, which are available in a variety of hues.

We realize that large quantities of accessories can result in a tidy sum. With beaded, aluminum, and acrylic napkin rings from TableclothsFactory, you can invite as many guests as you want – they come at wholesale prices, meaning that no matter how many christening bangles you purchase, they will never eat up your decoration budget. Please visit our collection now to stock up on the best rings at the lowest prices!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How to fold napkins with rings ?

Ans: There are many types of napkin folding with rings, depending on which napkin holder ring you choose and how casual or elegant your party or event is. Here are some of the festive folds and napkin ring ideas that will impress even the pickiest of guests and pep up your tablescapes.

The Fan Fold

  • Using a plain to stiff linen napkin, crinkle the napkin in half and fold it down to create a firm crease.
  • Create four to six folds or more that resemble an accordion strip.
  • Fold the napkin in half and insert the napkin ring over the folded end of the napkin until it is halfway.
  • Pull open edges of your napkin to show chords pleats.

The Double Roll

  • Fold the napkin in half.
  • Take one side of the napkin and turn it inward until you reach the center, then do the same for the other side.
  • Simply pull the ring over the double-rolled napkin so that it rests approximately at the midpoint.

    The Basic Ring Stuffer

    • Simply lay a square napkin face up (or with the pattern facing up) on a flat surface.
    • Pinch the center of the napkin and lift it up.
    • Insert the pinched end through the napkin ring, then extend the loose edges to the contents of your heart.

    2. How to put napkins in rings ?

    Ans: There is no faster and easier way to present your napkin than with a traditional napkin holder. Complementing your napkin takes just a few seconds and makes for an elegant dining experience. The easiest way to put napkins on a ring is to do the basic ring stuffer napkin fold. Just refer to the instructions above.

    3. How to set a table with napkin rings ?

    Ans: If you have elegant napkin rings, insert the end of the napkin through the ring and place the napkin on the plate. If you don't have any, then you can just fold the napkin into a triangle and place it under the fork with the tip of the triangle facing out.


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