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One of a Kind Sequin Runners

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One of a Kind Sequin Runners

You might believe that nothing can surpass the regal allure of an organza runners. Well you are almost right – nothing, except our one-of-a-kind sequin table runners from tableclothsfactory. Available in a variety of shades and designs, these runners will make your re-think everything you know about sequins.

In case you are after floriated designs, we can offer you our 12'' x 108'' sequin studded floral tulle table runner, which features satin ribbons swirling and twirling into eye-catching blooms coupled with sequin circle details stitched onto translucent tulle. Those who desire to see more tulle (or organza) and less sequins on their tabletops, won’t be able to say “no” to our 14'' x 108'' embroidered tulle with silver sequins table runner and 14'' x 108'' seamless sheer organza sequin embroidered table runner. If your color scheme calls for a gold table runner made of taffeta with pops of glitter, it will never hurt to consider our 14'' x 108'' gold premium sequin taffeta table runner. Have you got mosaic mirror vases? Feel free to carry on your mosaic theme with our dazzling mosaic sequin table runner and dashing mirror foil table runner.

If you failed to drape your table with a fanciful glitz sequin tablecloth, there’s no need to panic – a shimmering table runner is what will fix things up. In case you are bored of a classic silver or rose gold sequin table runner, our collection is the best place to shop from. Please hit it up as soon as possible and see more exciting items to feed your inspiration!
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