Open Rose Bush


Trendy and Inexpensive Silk Open Everblooming Roses Bulk!

Delicate, fuzzy, and vibrant! Our radiant blossoming Everblooming Roses symbolizes fullness, genuine passion, and success. If you are fed up with constantly replacing your live blooms, why not choose one that can be a great focal point but won’t wither and wilt like our selection of artificial silk rose flowers. 

Simply arrange these opened roses in your favorite metallic, glass, or ceramic vase, add fillers if needed and you will have a gorgeous accent piece that exudes a verdant appeal. Adding everblooming roses to your decorations and arrangements like our 96 Pcs Giant Silk Open Flowers Artificial Roses will give your event or home interior an elegant, delightful, and exotic allure.

Bursting with vivid colors and bold beauty, our life-size bulk fake flowers will showcase your bolder and brighter vision of life and love. Mimicking the charismatic charm and radiant freshness of real roses, these artificial silk roses in bulk and artificial roses in bulk like our 38" Silk Long Stem Roses will instantly add a dash of color and glee into your ordinary home or party space. Smooth, soft, silky petals, intricately handcrafted, and hand-rolled in the mesmeric open rose form with stunningly life-like green foliage make these fabric roses look amazingly authentic.

Elegant rose blooms like our 84 pcs Artificial Silk Rose Flowers With Green Leaves in a vase arrangement boast brilliant floral blossoms amidst dark green foliages, thus evoking feminine romance. These undying opened roses will continue to ooze perpetual freshness and everlasting bloom for your celebrations, giving you an eternal elation to cherish and rejoice. Create heart-touching bouquets, centerpiece decorations, floral arrangements, corsage, backdrops, and other decorative accents with these fully bloomed rose from the paradise garden.

Hosting an important event that needs artificial open roses? If you're searching for a lifelike fully bloomed rose, don't settle for paper-thin fabric petals that fray. Our Velvet Roses Artificial Flower Bouquet are wonderfully realistic with a velvety real-touch texture and brilliant color. 

Add timeless elegance to your home or special event with these exceptional artificial rose-cut flowers. Easily put them together for a simple arrangement or use with other accents to make a more diverse and resilient set of bouquets.

Gorgeous silk rose bouquets in charming tones like our Artificial Silk Rose Bouquet Faux Flower Bushes and Rose & Hydrangea Artificial Silk Flowers Bouquet are excellent for DIY bridesmaid bouquets and accent pieces. These delicate silk flowers in a mesmeric open rose form will suit anywhere to give your ideas a timeless and romantic touch.

Silk Rose Bouquet

These beautiful roses can be used in any area of the home, office, or party space for stylish décor that is easy to maintain. These silk cut roses are also ideal for special occasions like bridal showers, baby showers, weddings, and more! Whether you incorporate these beautiful flowers into a larger design or display them on their own, each stem is truly mesmerizing so you can easily spruce up your space on a budget.

You might even see your visitors trying to smell them to check if they're real! Unlike their fresh counterparts, these everlasting Artificial silk roses in bulk will always stay colorful, thriving, exuding eternal festive colors of delight all year round.

You will surely fall in love with our bulk silk rose bushes. Make the most of these artificial rose heads by adding them to a bigger centerpiece or flower arrangement, as a backdrop or arch accent, or even as part of a DIY crafting project. These wholesale flower stalks are simply one of the most trendy and inexpensive bulk decorating items that you won't want to miss out on.

Find beautiful silk flowers, like gorgeous artificial rose blooms online at Match our silk rose bushes with other pieces in our silk flower line, including single flower stems, flower wall panels, and artificial flower garlands.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Are silk roses real ?

Ans: Silk roses are not real flowers but are an excellent alternative to fresh ones for several reasons. 

  • They are non-allergenic, an excellent choice for couples with sensitivity to flowers.
  • They won't wilt in the summer sun, making them last longer than real flowers.
  • Brides will have a lasting memory of their wedding with a bouquet of silk rose flowers.
  • These artificial flowers are also available throughout the year.

    2. Are silk rose petals biodegradable ?

    Ans: Since silk is a natural fiber, it will biodegrade after its useful life. 

    3. How to make a silk rose bridal bouquet ?

    Ans: Supplies needed: Birch bark, glue gun, twine/ribbon, flower wire, flower tape, wire cutters. Bouquet pins or flower brooch pins if you want to add a personalized accessory.

    • Prepare the stems of your silk flowers by cutting them into usable pieces. Use wire cutters to trim excess leaves, leaving only one or two close to the flower. This allows you to extend the length of a flower easily.
    • Take two to four silk rose flowers to start the base of your bouquet. 
    • Start building your bouquet of wedding flowers by adding more silk roses around the base flowers. You can do this by rotating the silk rose bouquet and adding stems until it is the desired size. This part is the personal preference of what seems best to you.
    • Wrap your silk rose bush in floral tape, starting at the top and down the stem. This will give your bouquet a little extra support. Trim excess stalks until the desired length is reached.
    • Cut a piece of birch bark to size and glue them under the edge of the birch bark to the stems.
    • Cut a piece of thread about a meter long and place a hot glue dot on the back of the stems over the birch bark to secure the end of the thread. Wrap the string around the stems that lightly cover the edge of the birch bark. Secure the brooch or pin with a hot glue gun and voila, you now have a very stunning silk rose bridal bouquet.
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