Paper & Glitter Party Confetti


An Eye-catching Mix Of Paper & Glitter Party Confetti!

Paper Confetti

Confetti is a tiny piece of shiny paper or foil material that is thrown on occasions like baby showers, wedding venues, festive functions, or concerts to signify the celebratory event. Here at, our variety of Paper & Glitter Party Confetti will make you feel more than satisfied. 

Let your special event be as fascinating as possible by adding our colorful craft glitter confetti in shaker bottles. A party isn’t a party until you have some of our chunky glitters to mark the celebration. Dare for more with our splendid foil confetti wholesale like silver metallic foil heart confetti or the red metallic heart confetti for a beautiful display of your love and happiness. Let your event twinkle like the stars with our dainty twinkling metallic foil star confetti.

Conclude your marriage vows with our dashing wedding confetti. Celebrate your special birthday with our birthday confetti like our purple metallic foil birthday cake confetti and have your kids dashing around with super excitement. Also available are baby shower confetti in exciting confetti colors like our pink metallic foil baby shower confetti or the blue baby foil shower confetti

You will be stunned at the wide variety of wall decal stickers for your living room, kids’ room bedroom, or even for elementary school. Our 3D butterfly wall decal stickers are available in different shades like blue, pink, green, purple, or red that will turn dull areas of your home come to life.

Glitter Confetti
Party Confetti

Indoor/outdoor, formal/informal, our colorful confetti will crown your event with magnificence. Order our tissue paper & foil confetti sprinkle bulk for your confetti poppers to complement your large event. Feel free to put our celebration confetti in party poppers or confetti cannons for a dramatic effect. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary or buying birthday decorating supplies, we have everything you need to decorate in style. Also available in our stores are tablecloths, birthday party supplies, gift bags, centerpieces, backdrops, table runners, and many others.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy confetti ?

Ans: Time to start the party! Whether your next big bash is a fun and fabulous kid's birthday party or a fancy and elaborate wedding, TableclothsFactory has the right party confetti to set the mood and make a big impression on your guests. Create an imposing visual display that matches your party decoration and theme. Whatever your concept for your project, our splendid collection of Paper & Glitter Party Confetti will make it happen.

2. How much confetti do you need ?

Ans: So, you're organizing your wedding day or event and not sure how much foil confetti to prepare for your guests? For a full throw, one or two generous handfuls per guest will be excellent, and for a more delicate toss, a handful per pair will work well.

Usually only half of your guests will throw metallic confetti, but make sure you have sufficient. Also, you can always choose to have more bulk confetti and use any leftovers to place in your wedding album, or inside your wedding photo frame as a keepsake of the day.

3. Where to buy paper confetti ?

Ans: Turn any occasion into a joyous event. Spruce up your sign-in table or sprinkle on the birthday party table for a fun pop of color. To make your function the most memorable, TableclothsFactory offers paper confetti in different colors.

You can even put these colored confetti shapes inside balloons to create a vibrant confetti party atmosphere. Sprinkling confetti over your dessert tables can also enhance your party's theme in a fabulous way.

4. What to throw at weddings ?

Ans: The wedding ceremony toss denotes the end of the wedding ceremony and the start of the dinner and party. Around the world, the conventional wedding toss varies. Aside from rice, alternative toss items include foil confetti, candies, wedding pom-poms, paper streamers, eucalyptus leaves, chunky glitters, sequin wands, lavender cones, flower petals, biodegradable confetti, and even paper airplanes.

5. Why do we throw confetti ?

Ans: Throwing confetti over a newlywed couple has been a tradition to wish them prosperity and fertility. But nowadays, it isn’t just limited to throwing over the happy couple. Modern use of confetti includes sprinkling it around the tabletops at parties and events, adding it to greeting card envelopes, and even firing it from canons.

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