Paper Lanterns


Paper Lanterns

Paper Lanterns

When it comes to wedding décor, lighting plays a significant role, especially, when your gathering is going to last up until dawn. With Chinese paper lanterns from TableclothsFactory, you can illuminate your best moments with that soft paper lantern light and add some dimension into your ensemble at the same time.

Our round even ribbing paper Chinese lantern hanging decoration is available in an extensive variety of sizes, from 6 to 24 inches in diameter. With a rainbow of colors, you can easily find something suitable, whether your setting calls for fuchsia or lime green paper lanterns. Thus, if you want to blow your guests away, you can mix and match different sizes and colors. You can top off your Asian theme with our paper parasol umbrella wedding hanging decor table centerpiece – use these as a table centerpiece or hang them from your ceiling along with your paper lanterns!

Paper Lamp Shades
Table Lanterns

We realize that the lack of lighting can spoil any event. At TableclothsFactory, we’ve got you covered with tons of options of how you can illuminate your celebration in a sophisticated manner and our lanterns collection is just one of them. Please don’t hesitate to stop by our paper lanterns selection and see what else we can do for you!




1. How to light paper lanterns ?

Ans: Paper lanterns are a great way to add charm and liven up indoor and outdoor parties and spaces. When lit and grouped together, these paper lantern decorations give off a beautiful soft glow and become a festive light source in your home, patio, backyard, and various outdoor events. But have you ever wondered how to light up these paper lamps?

There are several options available to illuminate Chinese paper lanterns using luminaires and the most popular way is to hang them from plug in fairy lights or commercial outdoor string lights for more permanent setups. Another way is to add individual pendant lamp cords if you want to illuminate individual lanterns or if you plan to hang them in groups at different heights. But to do both, you must have access to a nearby electrical outlet.

To add a luminous glow across a table, garden, or pool without the need for extensive and costly wiring and light fixtures, you can opt for battery operated fairy lights instead as they give more freedom and flexibility in decorating. Whichever option you want to use to create whimsical lighting, outdoor paper lanterns equipped with LED bulbs are a surprisingly versatile light source at a less cost.

2. How to hang paper lanterns from ceiling ?

Ans: If you've been toying with the idea of hanging colorful paper lamp shades for an upcoming indoor event but don't know how to do it without drilling holes or driving nails into the ceiling, don’t worry because we have an alternative that will perfectly handle the task.

To hang your round paper lanterns from the ceiling, you must first determine adequate headroom, especially for spaces with low ceilings so that people don't bump their heads on the hanging decor. Attach a fishing line or string to the top of the lantern and tie the other end to an adhesive hook. Hang your lantern from the ceiling by sticking the adhesive hook in the placement you want. Aside from adhesive hooks, you can also use a piece of strong clear tape to neatly attach the hanging paper lamps to the ceiling.

The position and the way you choose to hang your lanterns can help draw attention to certain areas of your event or home. Use lanterns of varying sizes to create depth or make a convergence point by arranging your lanterns in clusters.

3. How to make a paper lantern chandelier ?

Ans: Paper lanterns are the most beautiful and affordable lighting accents to liven up an event space. They are a decorating staple and we bet you have seen a lot of fun ways they have been displayed from ceilings and tabletops. You can use these low-maintenance paper decorations to add height and dimension to the overall visual design of an event while adding oodles of color to the space.

Large paper lanterns are beautiful when hung independently. But if you want a centerpiece for the ceiling, it's great to group assorted size hanging paper lanterns indoors together and illuminate them with LED lights. Here's how you can turn your inexpensive rice paper lamps into ambient chandelier lighting.

  • Begin by assembling your paper lanterns. Once done, measure the length from the point where your lanterns will hang from the ceiling.
  • Cut your fishing line or string into different lengths to create different heights for your lantern.
  • Tie one end of the longer string to the larger lantern and repeat the procedure until you have connected all of the strings to your lanterns.
  • Attach the free end of the string to a book ring. The more lanterns you add to your arrangement and the closer they are together, the wider your chandelier will be.
  • Create a cascading look by filling in the gaps and hanging your bulk paper lanterns at varying heights to create the look and volume that you want.
  • For evening events, use our hanging light kit, battery operated lights with timer, battery powered fairy lights, or a pendant light cord to illuminate your paper lantern chandelier decor.

4. How to use paper lanterns ?

Ans: Using Chinese lantern lights can create a sophisticated and dreamy look, adding a touch of elegance and beauty to your reception area on your special day. This is why knowing how to use them in different ways can make a noticeable difference rather than just hanging them from the ceiling. Take a look at the following creative paper lantern decoration ideas that you can recreate for your wedding decors.

  • If you're still undecided on your wedding theme color, try using simple colors like white paper lantern balloons and pair it with other details from your wedding, like foliage arrangements and small greenery.
  • Create a vertically aligned look of mixed lantern fairy lights and kissing flower balls for an additional diverse and charming aura.
  • ‌Display glittery paper table lanterns on your tabletops by adding fairy LED light bulbs inside the lantern.
  • Design the specifics of your venue by placing assorted sizes of colored paper lantern floor lamp on stairs and balconies.
  • Give your guests a warm and festive welcome by hanging numerous outdoor lantern string lights in the path of a garden wedding reception.

5. Where to buy paper lanterns ?

Ans: Looking for an attractive yet easy-to-assemble ornament to add some interest to your home décor or to make a one-of-a-kind piece for an upcoming special occasion? Well, you don't need to look any further because the ambient decorating solution you are looking for is TableclothsFactory’s paper hanging lanterns.

Our wide selection of paper ball lanterns is available in an explosion of bold colors and ranges from 6” small paper lanterns to 24” giant paper lanterns. Easily set up an endless row of paper lantern string lights for outdoor celebrations or create a cascading lantern light effect to beautify sections of your home. Mix and match assorted paper lanterns party ornaments to add a festive tone to any celebration and complete the look of your home or party décor.

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