Paper Pinwheels & Silk Hand Fans


Paper Pinwheels & Silk Hand Fans

Paper Pinwheels

Are you on the lookout for exciting and interesting party decorations to kick it up a notch? Look no further than our Paper Pinwheels & Silk Hand Fans to add a wonderful celebratory and festive charm to your birthday parties, weddings, and any other special occasion.

When things start to feel boring and you are tired of using flowers and balloons to bedeck your events, choose to give an eccentric twist to your parties with our wide range of flamboyant paper fan medallions. Give a refined and sophisticated appeal to your décor by opting for our Black, Gold, and White Polka Dots Paper Fan Set to effortlessly create a sensational lavish backdrop to complement your Great Gatsby themed party. 

If you are going for a unicorn theme for your little one’s birthday party, then displaying a mesmerizing rainbow using our Assorted Paper Fan Decorations with Gold Foil Rim will add the perfect amount of sparkle with a splash of alluring whimsical magic. Regardless of how you like to use our hanging paper fans bulk, we have various colors and sizes to keep your festive party space and budget in check.

The party doesn't stop with our paper fan decorations! There's a huge assortment of party decorations right at your fingertips. Enhance your romantic summer wedding table settings with our intricate silk hand fans bulk that will also help your guests cool down after the exhilarating dance-off session. We have PINK Asian Silk Folding Fans, Turquoise Asian Silk Folding Fans, Lime Green Asian Silk Folding Fans, and other exciting colors to choose from to suit your party theme or color scheme.

Silk Hand Fans
Party Decorations

These folding hand held fans are made of premium silk and high-quality bamboo sticks, which makes them very delicate yet durable, impressive, and a nice addition to your casual and elegant outfits. So pamper yourself and your guest with these versatile silk folding hand fans, whether it's to keep cool or as an oriental-themed party favor.

You don't like dangling decorations? Forget the hanging part and put a variety of sizes and designs on the walls to create backdrops for a DIY photo booth. With TableclothsFactory’s plethora of hues and designs of Paper Pinwheels & Silk Hand Fans, you don’t have to worry about how to make paper pinwheels or where to buy folding hand fans anymore! So what are you waiting for? Shop around our collection to find the best deals so you can get started with your party decorations.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy paper pinwheels ?

Ans: Make your party decor stand out like no other with fun and colorful paper pinwheels from TableclothsFactory. This gorgeous accordion-folded pinwheel paper kit comes in several different colors and patterns to match any event theme and color scheme.

A simple yet amazing topper to intensify all your event party supplies, they are also the perfect indoor or outdoor decoration as you can hang them from just about anything. Try hanging them from walls, trees, windows, or in your backyard. Our paper pinwheels are also extremely easy to assemble to add a romantic and sweet atmosphere to events and celebrations in no time.

2. How to make a paper pinwheel backdrop ?

Ans: Why bear the trouble of making one when you can easily purchase them from Our paper pinwheel backdrops are shipped to you flat to avoid damage during transportation. Once you receive it, remove them from the packaging and fan them out like an accordion.

The double-sided tape is already attached to the ends of the paper fan decorations, so use that to fasten the ends together and keep them fanned open. Once all of the paper fan backdrops are opened and secured, hang them anywhere you like using a baker's twine, fishing line, or ribbon.

3. Where can I buy folding hand fans ?

Ans: Whether it's a wedding, birthday, dinner reception, or themed function, party favors can add a nice finishing touch to any occasion. You are definitely on the right page if you are searching for chic folding hand fans that your guests will enjoy as the affair progresses. TableclothsFactory offers a fabulous selection of handheld fans in various peerless colors to help make any occasion comfortable.

Our wedding fans make great wedding mementos and double as a wedding program. With so many colors available, we are certain that you will find a hand fan that will make the perfect party favor for your next event.

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