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Before planning for your big day there are many challenges that we face, but giving party favors to your guests is one of the timeless traditions and customs that can never go old. Who doesn’t like party favor gifts? Arranging unique party favor decor gifts for the guests to excite them is certainly a great idea. So, if you are searching for unique party favors that will act as impressive mementos of your special day, you have come to the right place. We at tableclothsfactory, offer some of the best party favor that will match your party theme and will work as stunning decorative accents for your otherwise ordinary-looking party tables.

If you are looking for party favors that not only thank your guests but also augment the aesthetics of your party décor then think about some unique party favor ideas that serve both purposes. Our party favor containers will make the best party favor boxes for your baby shower, bridal shower, party, wedding, or birthday as well as will stylishly serve as treat boxes and exhibit your party treats like candies, jelly beans, truffles, and other delectable delicacies.

Impart a shiny allure to your favor tables and dessert bars by presenting your treats in a royal manner by opting for our baroque favor trays, party favor dessert cups, or candy shape party favors, and give your friends and family small souvenirs to bring back pleasant memories of the time they spent with you.

For beach theme weddings, showers, and parties, choose our seashell shaped favor holders and bring the refreshing ocean feel to your celebration. Planning a grand setup for your baby shower celebration or a gender reveal party candy or dessert station? Opt for our baby shower party favors in adorable shapes like baby feet, candy party favors, teddy bear, milk bottle, or cylinder jars, and showcase the scrumptiousness of your special desserts, candies, jellies, and chocolates in these cute containers.

Take your fairy-tale theme all the way down to your party favors for baby shower or candy wedding favors with our elegant favor holders like crown party favor, heart carriage, champagne bottle party favor, gold crown party favors, or vintage party favor boxes, and let these sweet candy favor boxes augment the upscale look of your dessert or cake table. Choose exclusive party favor ideas for your upcoming celebration and spotlight your party favors and express your love in a creative and trendy style.

Unique party favors will not only serve as exquisite souvenirs that will remind your guests of the experience they had on your special day but will also augment the aesthetics of your party décor. Browse through our online store to check out the extensive range of party favor décor and boost the impact of your token of appreciation.




1. How to package wedding favors ?

Ans: Wedding gift favors are a token of your appreciation that guests can take home for having them join you in celebrating your special day. And we’re sure you’ve already heard the saying, “It's what's on the inside that counts,” and yes, this may be partially true. However, paying close attention to how your favor boxes for wedding are presented might even take the gift inside to the next level. 

If you are on a tight budget, you don’t need to worry because you can still snag inexpensive and elegant party favors for adults that won’t put a dent in your wallet. Consider small-sized favor boxes that are also decorative to help you save money on the box, filler, and decoration.

If your favor of choice is something that is edible like cookies, macaroons, and other bite-sized treats that can easily break if not handled carefully, our mini crown party favor boxes, dessert party favor cups, and dome cupcake containers are perfect for you. On the other hand, opt for our plastic candy jars with lids and fillable wedding favor boxes, as they are suitable for containing mints, hard candy favors, and mini chocolates.

2. What to put in party favors ? 

Ans: If you think handing out thank you party favors has lost its charm and is no longer in style, you might want to reconsider. Kids may grow up and adults nowadays may want new ways to celebrate their special day, but we're sure just about everyone still enjoys parties, and your guests are sure to be thrilled to take home mementos of your gatherings.

In case you’re having trouble narrowing down the ideal party favors to put inside your small party favor box due to the numerous party favor ideas that are readily available on the market, we’re here to help. First things first, it's crucial that the gift you choose is something that matches your theme and serves a dual purpose, as you want to ensure that your guests leave your event with a beautiful yet functional favor that will go a long way and wouldn’t just wind up in the trash. 

There is no limit to what your fun boxes for party favors can hold, you can place freshly baked homemade treats or candies in cute favor boxes like our treasure chest candy boxes or mini pedestal cupcake stand. You can also DIY items and create your own personalized blend of tea, gourmet olive oil, sugar infusion, or body scrub in fillable favor containers like small mason jars. Your guests will leave your party counting down the days to the next thanks to thoughtful favors like these.

3. Where do I buy containers for party favors ? 

Ans: Are you looking for the ideal favor holder to display and store your delectable sweet party favors but are having trouble locating one that is cute and the proper size for these delightful treats? Don’t worry, as we’ve got you covered! Have your guests take a piece of the party home with one of our unique, high-quality, and elegant party favors

Edibles like candy and cakes are always crowd pleasers. Depending on the occasion you're celebrating, opt for carriage containers, mini champagne bottles, vintage hexagon candy boxes, and other delightful little fillable containers that will suit various event themes and styles.

Shop our variety of party favor decor for all occasions and ages. Finding everything you need for your giveaways in one shop has never been easier. Your event will be unique, entertaining, and unforgettable thanks to our gorgeous and functional fillable party favor containers. Let us help you start planning your extraordinary celebration right away by checking out what we have to offer.

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