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Payette Sequin Overlays

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Payette Sequin Overlays

Whenever your occasion calls for something more than just sequins, we are at your service with our payette sequin overlay collection. Featuring multiple large payette sequin rounds over tulle fabric, our large payette sequin tablecloth overlays combine translucency with seamless luster. 

Available in a variety of shades, our sequin table overlay can become a part of any decor. If you are looking for an accent for your black tablecloth, we can help you with our champagne premium big payette sequin overlay and gold premium big payette sequin overlay. To complement your burgundy or serenity blue tablecloth, you must give a chance to our 72'' x 72'' rose gold premium big payette sequin overlay. Meanwhile, our burgundy premium big payette sequin overlay will strike a perfect match with your pink or ivory tablecloth. Regardless of color, all our payette overlay come in 72 and 90 inches. Feel free to use them in combination with your solid-colored linens or as they are. To get the most of their lustrous sheen, it’s highly recommended to incorporate candles, LED centerpieces, or string lights.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that some occasions require an extra dash of glitz. If you need something even more shiny than sequins, please don’t hesitate to drop by our collection of payette sequin tablecloth overlays, which take any table to the next level of sophistication
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