Pearl Beads


Pearl Beads

Since the dawn of time, pearls have always been a true emblem of style, elegance, and elevated status. To this end, if you want to demonstrate your high-end taste and the significance of your event, our collection of pearl beads is the best place to shop from. Made from sturdy plastic, our pearl string beads mimic the peerless gloss and charm of real freshwater pearls! 

With the immense selection of colors and designs, the faux pearls from TableclothsFactory will definitely trigger your imagination even if you are not going to get creative. Thus, if you are into classics, you shouldn’t look any further than our 30mm faux pearl beads vase fillers and 8mm large faux pearl beads (for those who don’t have enough time for stringing beads). 

In case you are looking to experiment on various string of beads sizes and colors, you can let your creativity run free with our 62 yards 9mm pearl heart strand beads garland. Meanwhile, our 6mm pearl bead strings, featuring faceted pearl balls, will become a perfect addition to your disco-style event decor. 

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that your creativity calls for high-quality materials to bring your ideas to life. Whenever you are looking to fill your vases, style your manzanitas, or fashion your eye-popping fascinators, please don’t neglect our collection of pearl beads for crafts




1. What to make with beads ?

Ans: While the possibilities for bracelet and necklace designs are endless, we're sure you've wondered what else you could do with these round accents. Apart from jewelry, take a look at the following amazing pearl beads decorations and accents you can produce.

  • Not fond of your plain-looking phone case? Customize them with glitzy white pearl beads and add a few rhinestones for a dazzling finish.
  • Combine a scrap of burlap and a few small pearl beads. Make a wide napkin ring out of them and use it to dress up your favorite dinner napkins.
  • Make an affordable yet lovely pearl embellished candle holder to put on your tabletops using our shiny beads.
  • Allow your children to practice building their own dream catchers and a variety of other pearl bead designs.
  • To safeguard your glasses from getting lost, make your own sunglass strap out of our glossy pearls.

2. How to thread elastic through beads ?

Ans: Making your own jewelry can be a rewarding activity, especially if you enjoy working with your hands and are a DIY enthusiast. Putting tiny pearls on an elastic thread, on the other hand, can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Here are a few pointers to help make the whole decorating with beads strings go more flawlessly and give you a final piece of DIY stretch jewelry that you can wear.

Start by giving your bracelet a "pre-stretch" prior to threading your plastic craft beads on it. Doing this prevents the fine string from stretching too much over time and loosening the fit of your jewelry as you wear them. 

You can string your craft beads by hand if the holes are large enough. To make stringing easier if the holes are smaller, it’s highly recommended to use a stringing needle. If you don't have this kind of needle, you can manufacture a makeshift threading needle by folding a short piece of jewelry wire in half.

3. What is the best thread for beading ? 

Ans: It can be difficult to choose the best thread for your pearl arts and crafts, especially because your choice must depend on the weaving style or the type of project you're working on. Here’s how to choose the right thread for each type of jewelry endeavor.

  • If you're using hefty glass pearls, you'll need a thread that can withstand a lot of weight and a jewelry wire can be a better option rather than a beading thread. It is also advisable to use this stainless steel or copper wire if the holes in your pearl balls are rough.
  • If you want to create stretch jewelry, then an elastic string for beads is the best option. This stretchy cord is suitable for faux pearl beads and other small, lightweight, and lighter-colored gemstones. 
  • Silk thread, on the other hand, will give pearl crafts a traditional aesthetic while also making them extremely pleasant to wear. A silk thread is required to make a traditional pearl necklace with knots between the pearl balls.

4. Where to buy beads for crafts ?

Ans: Are you looking for a small decorative item to complement your accessories and clothing and give them the polish they need? Then have a look at TableclothsFactory's pearlescent selection of pearl beads for jewelry making and other projects that is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and designs that beautifully mimic the soft sheen and classic beauty of real pearl.

If you're still undecided, consider using synthetic pearls, which offer a plethora of embellishing options from traditional formal wear, wedding accessories to everyday elegance. Buy pearls and accessorize your headpieces, veils, favor gift bags, clothing, and more in a stylish manner. Look for DIY ideas and make your pearl or bead ideas a reality with these sew on pearls.

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