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Real Touch Peonies That Will Take Your Breath Away!


Real Touch Peonies

As a symbol of prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage, Real Touch Peonies are the perfect peony bridal bouquet and wedding flowers. Loved by many for their large blossoms, our double-bloomed artificial peonies will take your breath away.

There are lots of ways to decorate with peony wedding bouquet, but if you are looking to amaze your guests with a lush faux peony arrangement on your tabletop, you shouldn’t look any further than our collection of real touch peony shrubs.

Made from silk with utmost intricacy and attention to detail, each peony flower bouquet from our selection of peony bush for sale will surprise you with its life-like appearance. Furthermore, they will even fool you into believing that they are real… especially when you see the enormous range of colors we carry.

We have red peony, yellow peony, blue peonies, blush peonies, white peony flowers, and other shades that go far beyond nature. Our perfectly replicated fake peonies are a great way to keep your environment fresh and inviting all year round, no need for a green thumb.

Real Touch Peonies
Real Touch Peonies

Just put some peonies in vase or put our artificial peony varieties on the table and create the harmonious atmosphere you are always searching for. We also offer a variety of gorgeous peony bouquet excellent for almost any space. 

At TableclothsFactory, we understand that real blooms may lose their fresh appearance before you know. Fortunately, our collection of faux peony flowers offers plenty of Real Touch Peonies which look like natural flowers. If you are ready to bathe in the blossoms of Real Touch Peonies, please visit our collection right now!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy silk peonies ?

Ans: Silk peonies are one of our most popular flowers as a wedding or home decor due to their fluffy ruffled look and versatility in design. If you are looking for singles or bunches of real touch peonies then look no further because TableclothsFactory is packed with a variety of peony bush for sale so you can create a wonderful faux peony arrangement to wow your guests. Our real touch peonies are also the perfect choice for most wedding themes, including whimsical, vintage, and garden styles.

2. What can I do with old silk flowers ?

Ans: You can start by taking the dust off with a vacuum cleaner, then fill a basin with warm water and add salt. Gently clean the old worn-out silk flowers with water and salt solution. It should remove all the accumulated dirt & stains without damaging the silk petals. Finally, dry the silk flowers with a hairdryer. You can now reuse them to decorate your home or use them for crafts. Another way would be to spray your old silk flowers with spray paint and use them to decorate for Halloween. The older, the better. 

3. What is large peony bush made out of ?

Ans: Our large real touch peonies are made of high-quality silk and plastic, but their very natural appearance will make it difficult for you to distinguish them from the real ones because they look as good as the real thing.

4. How to create best faux peony arrangements ?

Ans: Create a timeless peony arrangement with real touch peony bushes that will last much longer for you to enjoy. Here is an easy method that you can try yourself.

  • Put together something green to create a base. Build a neutral palette to make the colorful fake peony flowers shine and fill in any gaps you may have.
  • Then tuck in three large stems of hydrangeas, fluffing up the eucalyptus branches to hold the stems in place. It may seem a little big for this arrangement, but they will actually look perfect once everything is in place.
  • Add your royal touch peonies.
  • Finally, add some smaller eucalyptus branches for empty spaces.

When you're done organizing your flowers, look at the centerpiece from every angle, making sure everything is in place, regardless of where you're looking at it.

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