Pintuck Runner


Pintuck Runner

In case you are looking to add some texture to your table setting but don’t want to go as far as rosette linens, you can spruce your plain tablecloths up with something from our pintuck table runner collection. Featuring delicate pintuck folds all over the lustrous taffeta, these runners will bring dreamlike dimension into your setup without overshadowing your table covers.

Available in a huge variety of colors, our pintuck taffeta table runner will gorgeously blend in with any theme. Whenever your decorations call for blue runners, you can easily choose among our royal blue taffeta pintuck table runner, navy blue taffeta pintuck table runner, or turquoise taffeta pintuck table runner. If you are wishing to create a classic wedding setup, it won’t be complete without our ivory taffeta pintuck table runner, pink taffeta pintuck table runner, rose quartz taffeta pintuck table runner, or white taffeta pintuck table runner. To liven up your display with a metallic sheen, we suggest spreading our silver taffeta pintuck table runner or gold taffeta pintuck table runner atop your plain linens. Whichever pintuck taffeta table runner options will you pick; we strongly recommend you compliment them with other pintuck products from our online store, such as napkins, sashes, and beyond.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that bringing together any décor is about making a choice. Fortunately, if you don’t feel like choosing between texture and gloss, you don’t have to – with our pintuck table runner collection, you can create a mesmerizing medley of look and luster that will enchant the entire ambiance. Whether your project calls for navy pintuck table runner or rose runner, please don’t delay to satisfy your needs with our pintuck selection.

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