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Placemat & Chargers: Table Accessories For Everyday Dining


If you want to spruce up the place setting of your celebration and desire to make it unique and special, look into our stellar collection of Placemats and Chargers to impart elegance to adorn your table. There is no doubt in the fact that charger plates are the keystone of any table setting as they provide the centre around which the dinner flourishes. Our extravagant placemats work wonders when used as chargers for our dinnerware, to hold natural assortments, or as decorative accessories.

Dress your table in elegance with our ravishing and eccentric range of Black woven Vinyl Placemats to add class and convenience. Cost-effective and contemporary, these vinyl placemats accentuate your tabletop for dinner parties, weddings, festive events on a budget. Our Round Gold Mirror Glass Charger Plates exude glitz and glam and make a glistening ornate addition to wedding receptions, anniversaries, birthday celebrations, or banquets.

These bewitching beauties also flaunt your celebration cakes and can be used as wedding centerpieces and decorative trays by placing candle arrangements, chandeliers, or candelabras. Revamp your dull and dreary tabletop from drab to fab by using Round Reef Gold Plastic Charger plates which are bold enough to capture attention instantaneously. 

Charger Plates
Table Accessories

These sophisticated glass charger plates and woven placemats add perennial panache to your festive occasions. Kill two birds with one stone and make your tabletop an emblem of sophistication by using our Trays and Risers and Napkin Rings from our Tabletop Decor without spending a fortune and organize a true blockbuster event.

We offer you a wide range of placemats and chargers to make your decorations stand out. Visit us now to explore our rich, high-quality collection and choose the ones that blend with your party decor flawlessly with other accessories! Don’t hesitate to check our collection right away.




1. How to wash placemats ?

Ans: In addition to increasing table presentation and adding ambiance to the dining room table, placemats have long been used to prevent spills from falling directly onto the tablecloths or table. But after using them for some time, they start to accumulate stains and become grubby. Today, almost every household uses dining mats, but not everyone knows how to properly clean these fragile pieces of tableware.

But don't worry, here are some practical tips on how to wash each type of dining table placemat in the most efficient way.

  • Placemats come in various styles and materials, and each type requires additional care and different methods to keep them clean. Wine and oil spills need special treatment, so it's important to clean up stains first before thoroughly cleaning your placemats.
  • For vinyl placemats or plastic placemats, you can use a mild cleaner and a clean damp cloth to wipe stains or dirt from the front and back of the dinner mats. To thoroughly clean hard placemats, gently wipe them with a sponge. If they still have stubborn stains, soak the placemat in a mixture of water and mild all-purpose house cleaner.
  • For fabric placemats, don't let the stains sit too long and remove them immediately. Use a clean, damp cloth or sponge and gently rub the stains off until they come out. Use a fabric-safe stain remover to remove stubborn dirt. 

2. Can you eat off a charger plate ?

Ans: Dinner plates, bowls, and dessert dishes are usually placed on top of charger plates, and at some point, you may be wondering if these dinner plate chargers can come in contact with your food. The answer is no, you can't eat off a service plate as its purpose is to protect the linens from food spills and the table from heat and condensation. Aside from stain prevention, dining chargers also help beautify the place setting and create a wonderful dining experience for you and your family.

3. How to store placemats ?

Ans: Table placemats can certainly magnify the dining table's appeal, but finding the perfect spot for them when they are not in use can be a bit tricky. Like any other table linen, dining table mats also need proper storage to maintain their beauty and shape.

Before storing your dinner placemats, clean them first by wiping away dirt with a damp cloth and drying thoroughly afterward. You can sort plate mats by color, shape, and style so you won’t have to dig for them. Kitchen placemats can be hung with the use of skirt clips or clip hooks if you have enough closet space. If you are concerned about the indentations in the clip, you can cut a small piece from an old kitchen towel to cushion the clips.

If hanging isn't an option, a spare pantry or cabinet makes a great placemat storage. However, if you don't have extra closet space, you can use an old dresser to hold your beautiful placemats and other table linens. Use smaller drawers to store smaller items, such as small placemats, folded napkins, and napkin rings, and use larger drawers to keep kitchen table mats and folded tablecloths.

4. Do you use placemats with charger plates ?

Ans: In a sense, when placed on top of the tablecloth, the dinner chargers themselves serve as a mat for the dishes, making actual dining table placemats unnecessary. However, if you have ample table space and you want your table setting ideas for everyday to become fancier by adding layers of color and texture, you can use coordinating charger sets and plate mats. You can also use both table accessories if you are not planning to cover your dining table with a tablecloth.

5. Where can I buy paper placemats ?

Ans: Make your counters and tables last longer with crisp white paper doilies from TableclothsFactory. From accumulated condensation on your glassware to spilled sauce or soup, our elegant-looking paper placemats will do a wonderful job of keeping your table surface clean and at the same time effortlessly beautiful.

These paper under plate mats are also an easy and inexpensive way to add pizzazz to dessert trays and food platters. With their beautiful lace pattern and scalloped edges, our paper placemats for sale would also look charming placed under vases, potted plants, and centerpieces.

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