Polyester Table Overlays


Polyester Table Overlays

Are you planning to invite a large group of guests, but your budget says ‘no’? There’s no need to reduce your guest list – with polyester table overlays from our online store, you can invite as many people as you desire without breaking the bank.

For a professional, clean appearance, you can spread our white square polyester overlay atop your white linens – nothing screams professionalism like a black tablecloth with a white overlay. Meanwhile, our Turquoise Square Polyester Table Overlay – paired with white table covers works elegantly as well. This square linen tablecloth is perfect for pizza parties, national holidays, or whatever deserves a touch of rural simplicity. In case you strive to combine opposing features, look no further than our Moss Green Square Polyester Table Overlay which will bring a perfect fusion of modernity and rustic feel into your décor. No matter which of these wedding overlays is to your liking, we can offer you a variety of sizes.

It’s sometimes impossible to find an affordable table topper overlay that can withstand heavy-duty events and extensive reuse. Fortunately, our inexpensive and durable polyester table overlays wholesale from TableclothsFactory will even exceed your expectations with their sophisticated appeal. Please don’t hesitate to stop by our collection to check out all our linens for yourself!

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