Pom Pom Balls


Pom Pom Balls & Paper Decorations For Any Event And Theme

Pom Pom Balls

If you are looking to add fluff and vigor to any occasion, consider using our pom pom balls. Dangling from branches, ceilings, and arches, these fabulous tissue pom poms seem to float in midair as if someone has enchanted them.

Since our fluffy pom poms are available in a range of sizes, feel free to mix and match them - hung at different heights, our 6'' paper tissue flower pom pom12'' paper tissue flower pom pom, and 16'' paper tissue flower pom pom will bring some welcomed volume into any setup. You can even enhance the visual appeal of these by adding our Foiled Paper Large Flowers & Leaves Hanging Garland and Pre-Tied Paper Tassel Tissue Garland.

To get the most out of our tissue pom pom balls, we suggest you dress up your table in our fluffy tutu table skirts and feather boas – this combo works perfectly for baby showers and parties for kids. Moreover, our fluffy pom poms give plenty of room for inspiration – using these symbols of a cheerleading spirit, you can craft cute flamingos, ostriches, or whichever DIY pom poms craft crosses your mind.

Tissue Paper Decorations
Pom Pom Decorations

We understand that making pom balls for yourself can be a chore, especially, when it comes to large quantities of these dangling darlings. With TableclothsFactory, there’s no need to google how to make a pom pom at home – just stop by our collection and see what we have to offer today!




1. How to assemble pom pom decor ?

Ans: Colorful fluffy tissue paper pom pom decorations are a party decorating essential because they are so versatile and pack a ton of visual punch. So if you need a lot of tissue paper pom poms in a hurry, you don't need to check for pom pom arts and crafts tutorials as you can order these adorable pom pom flowers at a very affordable price from TableclothsFactory. We also have these party pom pom balls available in many splendid colors and different sizes so you can mix and match them to suit any special event or holiday.

Once you receive your pre-made and folded tissue balls, take one and fan it open. Spread the party pom poms by pulling very gently on each sheet to form a ball shape. Separate all layers until you've done one entire side and do the same with the other side. Ruffle and carefully reposition the sheets until you get an arrangement that you like. Attach a string or ribbon and hang a cluster from the ceiling, arrange them in a garland, use the little pom pom tissue paper as gift ornaments, or simply place them on tables as delicate flower-shaped tissue paper centerpieces.

2. How to fluff paper pom poms ?

Ans: Colored pom poms can be simple decorations, but you will be amazed at how they can provide a massive and surprising impact on your party decor. We have carefully selected vibrant color combinations to help you create a unique ornament for your event. With our charming tissue paper flowers and easy fluffing instructions, your celebration will be getting started in no time. 

Fluffing out tissue paper decorations can be a bit tricky, especially if this is your first time. However, to make sure you can fluff the pom pom crafts the right way, all you need to do is gently pull each layer. Always start with the top layer, bring them up to the middle, and move on to the next layer. Once you have fluffed up all the layers of the craft puff balls, you can fill in the gaps by adjusting the layers to the shape you want. These DIY tissue paper pom poms are really easy to put together once you get the hang of them. 

3. How do you hang pom poms from the ceiling ?

Ans: When decorating for a birthday party or any occasion, you get too focused on the backdrop and table decorations that you end up not caring about beautifying your lifeless ceiling. For that reason, you lose an excellent opportunity to make a massive difference in the overall impact of your event. So why not add a pop of color and texture and transform your interior or venue by incorporating pom pom decoration ideas into the mix.

If you want to hang our paper pom pom flowers from the ceiling, there is no need to drill holes or drive nails because you can use picture hooks or self-adhesive clips that can easily be mounted to the ceiling. You can then attach a fishing line or ribbon to the large pom poms and hang them at varying heights. Depending on the breadth and room structure, you can either spread your hanging pom poms all over the ceiling or arrange them in multiple groups at various points on the ceiling.

4. Where to buy paper pom poms ?

Ans: Looking for a sweet and classy party decoration that you can put together and display in an instant? Try TableclothsFactory's paper pom pom decorations for an effect that is endlessly charming. Our selection of lightweight paper ball decorations is available in various eye-catching colors and sizes ranging from 6”-16”. Add depth and volume to your party embellishments by grouping different-sized party poms and hanging them from the ceiling at different heights.

Adorn everything from your party tables to your DIY photo booth walls. These fluffy balls are super versatile because they can be customized to suit all kinds of events, from casual gatherings to the most formal party themes. To perk up your party space and get the most out of our amazing tissue balls, pair them up with our foiled paper leaf garland and pre-tied paper tassel garland. These cute hanging decorations for party can also be used to adorn your little one's room.

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