Pre-tied Ribbon Bows


Pre-tied Ribbon Bows

Nothing can decorate a favor better than a voluminous bow. If making one for yourself is a strenuous job, look no further than our collection of Pre Tied Ribbon Bows.

From now on, you can embellish as many gift packages, floral arrangements, and crafts as you desire without getting stressed out–you’ll just need to select from our range of premade bows, decide on the placement, and fasten it with the metal foil strip attached on the center of the bow. And that’s it!

In case every minute counts, and you don’t have enough time for making perfect small ribbon bows for yourself, consider jazzing things up with our satin ribbon bows with twist ties, saddle stitch ribbon bows with twist ties, nylon ribbon bows with twist ties, or grosgrain pre tied ribbon bows – these classic style premade ribbon bows are ready to adorn your keepsakes, candles, headpieces, balloons, centerpieces, and other accessories. 

Whichever gift bow tie you choose, you can rest assured that they'll meet your needs, whether you're searching for satin ribbon bows, small red bows, or plaid mini craft bows, because they're available in a wide range of colors and ribbon materials at wholesale prices.

As a busy bride or a professional event planner during the hectic holiday season, you may find yourself unable to bring whatever you have in mind to life. With the pre tied bows from TableclothsFactory, you can tuck all your worries away – no matter how tough your schedule is, all you need is a simple TWIST and TIE to add that festive feel to your gifts, arts, and crafts. Please don’t wait to drop by our collection and see everything for yourself!




1. How to tie decorative ribbon bow ?

Ans: If you’re looking for step-by-step bow tutorials to bring a distinctive and innovative finishing touch to gift wrapping and crafts, look no further because you can now complete your projects with confidence using our premade craft bows with twist ties. These small bow ties for crafts that come in a variety of vibrant colors will provide a pop of color to a wide range of decorations.

The pull bows are moderately shaped and have a metal twist tie attached at the center of the bow for easy attachment to favor bags and various arts and crafts projects. To make an eye-catching design, arrange them in a symmetrical pattern. Now you can avoid the effort of making your own gift tie ribbon by using these lovely pre-made decorative bows

2. How to fix a flattened bow ?

Ans: Pre-tied small bows for crafts can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to give color to gift boxes, baskets, floral arrangements, and so on. However, if not treated carefully during shipment or after being stored, these premade bows for crafts can get smooshed, losing their beautiful and curvy shape.

Don't worry, flattened tied ribbons are fluffed back to life by using a hairdryer on low heat for a few minutes and they'll be looking good as new. A hair straightener can also be used to gently eliminate any wrinkles on a piece of ribbon.

3. Where to buy ribbon for bows ?

Ans: It can take a long time to embellish or pack things for retail or gatherings and pre-tied bows are a great way to save time. If you are looking for premade mini bows for crafts to save you time and money on cutting ribbons and making your own bows then you are definitely in the right place. 

Our pre-tied ribbon bows that have already been knotted up in a pretty bow can be used on a variety of items, including sealing treats or candy bags, wrapping around a gift box, as an embellishment on favor items, and even attaching to a gift bag's handle. We have such a wonderful selection of fancy bow materials and sizes that you will have no trouble selecting one that meets your requirements.

Our pre-tied satin bows feature a smooth, lustrous finish that is appropriate for any event while our nylon ribbon bows, on the other hand, can be used to glam up favor jars, invitations, and so much more, as do our stripe pre-tied ribbon bows for a more classy and stylish look and grosgrain pre-tied ribbon bows for a more understated look. Each shape and bow size is available in a variety of vivid colors to suit any theme or season.

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