Premium Chair Covers


Premium Chair Covers

Planning an upscale event, but those dreary chairs nullify all your efforts? There’s no need to fork out costly new ones – instead, you can stop by our collection of premium chair covers and find affordable, yet top-notch chair covers to suit the rest of your décor. Whether you are in need of folding chair covers or banquet chair covers, they’ll cater to your needs – made from premium quality material, these covers can fit any chair.

Whenever you are in search of black and white spandex chair covers to go along with your solid-colored tables, we can offer you our black/white striped spandex stretch banquet chair cover or black/white checkered spandex stretch banquet chair cover. In case your décor calls for yellow, apple green, or ivory spandex chair covers with rosettes, our satin rosette stretch banquet spandex chair cover won’t disappoint you.

To add some glitter to your lackluster décor, choose our spandex stretch banquet chair cover with metallic glittering back – available in gold and silver, these look perfect when paired with black satin table linens. If glitters, rosettes, stripes, and checks are not exactly what you need, you can opt for classics with our premium Madrid spandex banquet chair covers.

At tableclothsfactory, we realize that new chairs can devour your entire decoration budget. To save you from unpredicted expenses, we’ve got you covered with our collection of premium chair covers, which can transform even the most dull-looking chairs into heavenly seats. Please don’t dither to stop by our collection to check them out yourself!




1. Do chair covers fit all chairs ?

Ans: The common misconception regarding covers for chairs is that they’re one-size-fits-all types of chairs. This may be somewhat true for universal chair covers, as these self-tie covers for chairs are designed with additional fabric that can be adjusted at the back to fit the exact dimensions of any chair. Unfortunately, this does not apply to tie-less types of chair covering because they are made in predetermined sizes and may not fit a certain type of seat. 

You will primarily need specific chair covers for a wedding that fit the size and shape of the chair you have. Party chair covers can look the same at first glance that is why it is crucial to take into account each parameter and measure the chair accordingly to obtain the correct fit. 

Looking for a simple and affordable way to dress up and keep your party chairs looking flawless? Consider our premium fabric chair covers for a sleek, contemporary chair look. Whatever chair model you have our collection of premium special occasion covers for chairs got you covered. 

2. How much are chair covers for weddings ?

Ans: There are many things that need to be considered in planning an event. Chair covers for events are one of them and you will be surprised how something so simple can make such a difference to your big event. But the underlying question is how much will covering these chairs cost you?

Since there are many variables that can influence the price of cloth chair covers, there is no clear answer to this question. The cost can vary depending on the style and fabric you select, the number of chairs you need to cover, and whether you are renting or purchasing the covers. However, generally speaking, you can expect to pay between $1 and $5 for each cover.

If you're looking for stretchy chair covers or just a cover for the back of a chair that won't break the bank, TableclothsFactory's collection of premium quality chair covers is a great place to start your search. We have many styles of banquet chair covers for sale that come in a rainbow of colors to match any theme, so we're sure you'll find something to fit both your budget and your vision for your big day.


Should You Rent Or Buy Chair Covers For Wedding?

Wedding linens such as covers for chairs are crucial, both practically and aesthetically. Elevated linens can instantly transform boring banquet chairs into stunning seats and provide a touch of elegance to the atmosphere of your special day. So you ask yourself – would you rather purchase slip on chair covers or rent them from a reliable rental company?

There are significant costs associated with wedding planning, but you only get married once, so it's a perfect time to indulge. The most important consideration when selecting whether to buy or rent something for your special day is its potential future use. Typically, if it can be used again, it is still worth purchasing seat covers rather than renting. Also, when you buy your own chair slipcovers, you can choose the material and color scheme you want.

The next thing to consider is how big your guest list is and if you still have time available to set the chairs up before the event. If your event venue doesn't provide them, renting covers for chairs is a huge time saver and spares you the hassle of extra work when you have a lot to do. Also, when you rent, the chair linens are freshly laundered and wrinkle-free, and the rental company usually takes care of installing and cleaning them afterward.

Weddings are usually a once-in-a-lifetime affair and you would normally expect nothing less than the best. In conclusion, buying is your best option if you want to save money and get the style you want. Renting chair covers for weddings may be the most practical option for your event if you're not too cost-conscious and want the simplicity of having someone else set up your chairs.

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