Printed Ribbons


Printed Ribbons

It goes without saying that giving party favors is the best way to let your guests take a bit of that festive spirit home. In case you have already put your keepsakes into lovely boxes, you can elevate their charm manifold with our printed ribbons and bows. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, our ribbons can flawlessly blend in with any theme.

Made from polyester, our printed grosgrain ribbon with trendy ribbon prints features a heavy ribbed texture, making them durable enough to withstand extensive use. In case you have a fascination for geometric designs, we are at your service with our 1.5'' grosgrain geometric pattern ribbonThose who plan to host a baby shower won’t be able to resist the charm of our 3/8 pink grosgrain ribbon and 7/8 blue grosgrain ribbon.

To bring a playful element into your lackluster favor boxes, you can trim your mementos with a printed satin ribbon such as our satin paw print ribbonHave you got polka dot style table overlays? Continue your polka dot patterned theme with our 1/8 satin polka dot ribbon, 3/8" polka dot satin ribbon - feel free to pair these printed ribbons with a solid-colored trim. 

At tableclothsfactory, we realize the significance of favors and how they are displayed. To make your guests crave to take your keepsakes home, don’t hesitate to style them with adorable trims from our printed ribbons and bows collection. Please visit us now to browse the full range.




1. How to make printed ribbon ?

Ans: Printed ribbons are distinguished from all other types of fancy ribbon on the market by their exceptional quality and how lovely they look on gifts, wedding favors, flower bouquets, custom packaging, and any other type of crafts with ribbon. So why settle with regular ribbons when you can enhance their beauty with wonderful prints? 

However, rather than spending time setting up everything from the machine to the printing supplies, it's better to buy pre-made printed ribbons to use on your embellishments and crafts, especially if you need them in bulk.

Now is the time to look through our selection, which features a variety of charming ribbon prints on a variety of vibrant ribbon colors. These ribbons can be used to wrap presents, favors, embellish crafts, and other accessories. The greatest advantage is that they are inexpensive so you can add extra detail and dazzling ribbon decorations to make any occasion or affair more memorable.

2. How to tie ribbon on favor box ?

Ans: There's nothing more rewarding than adding a distinctive finishing touch to your gift wrapping and favor boxes using favor ribbons. Indeed, there are numerous styling options available, but understanding how to tie a simple bow is a fundamental skill that everyone should be aware of and be able to perform.

Regardless of what item you need to tie a pretty bow for, tying a printed satin or grosgrain ribbon on a treat or loot bag works almost the same as tying your shoelaces. The ribbon loops should be crossed in half, and you should have a firm grip on them at all times. 

Thread one of the two loops through the opening in the lower half of the ribbon. Pull both loops slightly upwards, slowly and carefully, to produce a perfect bow. Ensure the bow is symmetrical and snip the ribbon ends into angles for a fancier touch.

3. How to make baby shower ribbons ?

Ans: Baby shower ribbons give an additional bundle of joy and excitement to party decorations. Perhaps you're wondering if these patterned ribbons are only useful to make baby shower corsages, well you'd be surprised at how these ribbons can bring a maximum impact and do wonders on the overall baby shower theme and decor.

Rather than hiring someone to print baby shower ribbons for you, use our baby shower ribbons to make a fashionable announcement. You can use our pink it’s a girl ribbon or blue baby ribbons with charming baby patterns to match the color scheme of your event. These personalized baby shower DIY ribbons are sure to add a personal touch to baby shower pins, floral arrangements, baby gift cards, dessert cups, and more, and will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

4. Where to buy ribbon for bows ?

Ans: Our collection of pretty ribbons for bows is a great place to start if you're searching for premium, high-quality printed craft ribbons. You can use these custom printed ribbons to elegantly adorn a variety of projects and accessories, and the good thing is that they're also very affordable.

We have a lovely assortment of gift box ribbons available here at TableclothsFactory. From silky printed satin ribbon to classic polka dot ribbon and sturdy grosgrain ribbon rolls, we've got you covered with these fantastic craft supplies options. 

Choose a wholesale printed ribbon that has the right thickness and style to complement your needs. Any width of personalized ribbon will be enough, but the greater the size of bow you require, the wider the ribbon must be to hold everything together.

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