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Room Dividers

From the dawn of time, diamonds have been an insignia of everything elite and elegant. To this end, whether there’s a buzz-worthy event just around the corner, or your interior calls for a huge dose of sparkles, you may rest assured, our endless diamond curtains is exactly what you need. Featuring thousands of acrylic diamonds, made with utmost craftsmanship to mimic their natural counterparts, our curtains is an ideal choice whenever you feel like showing off your high-end taste.

Available in a plethora of sizes, our event and room divider curtain will never leave you disappointed no matter how many diamonds you need. Thus, you can choose from our 24 Sq FT crystal 1.2 cm octagon diamond beaded curtain with metal rod and adjustable hooks, 36 Sq FT crystal diamond beaded curtain with bendable metal rod and adjustable hooks, or 60 Sq FT crystal diamond beaded curtain with metal rod and adjustable hooks. Whichever curtain room dividers you pick, you may rest assured – all of them feature a bendable metal rod with adjustable hooks to make installation a breeze. Whether you decide to utilize our string curtains as room dividers or for event embellishment, make sure to augment their allure by using our flowers, LED lights, or whatever you find suitable in our online store.

At tableclothsfactory, we realize that there’re certain occasions that require the considerable amount of sparkle. If this is the case, or you are looking to bring that diamond dazzle into your daily life, please don’t hesitate to shop from our collection of diamond room partitions. Please visit it now to browse a full selection of options!


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