Rose Party Favors


Rose Party Favors Guests Will Cherish For Years To Come!

Rose Party Favors

It goes without saying that roses are often called the Queen of Flowers. Thus, if you are looking to add a regal flair to your celebration, putting roses under that spotlight is a wise idea. There are plenty of options to do so, but if you want to surprise your guests with rose-inspired gifts and have no idea where to start from, we are here to show you directly with our rose-inspired collection. 

There’s no doubt that your guests will jump for joy at our scented rose flower bath shower soap - featuring surprisingly realistic looking soap petals beautifully hand-rolled into a rose shape, these soaps are both perfect as tokens of your appreciation locked into lovely heart-shaped boxes and as a means of rose decor (you can just scatter these beauties all over your tabletop and marvel at oodles of scent and charm they exude).

Meanwhile, if you are looking to present to your guests something other than rose-themed gifts and flower party favors, there’s no need to give up on all your rose flower gift ideas. Whichever secret your mysterious favor box hides, you can customize it with our flower party decorations

Our 36 pcs 2'' real-touch 3D artificial DIY foam rose flower heads are not just extremely life-like to the look but astonishingly realistic to the touch.

Rose Favors
Rose Decoration

Give your friends and guests a sweet little luxury that only our rose ball candles can inspire. This rose candle favor has been intricately accentuated with glittering silver floral twirls, making it look like an enchanting ball of pure delight when illuminated. 

At TableclothsFactory, we strive to help you bring your creative ideas to life. Create a gift table full of rose-themed gifts so guests can choose their favorites. Whenever you are willing to throw a rose-themed party or just want to see more roses on your big day, please don’t disregard our rose-inspired collection!


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where can I buy rose petal soap ?

Ans: If you are looking for the ideal gift for a wedding, Valentine's Day, or Mother's Day, or anytime you want to treat your loved ones with a delightful token, TableclothsFactory is at your service with our collection of vibrant and sweet-smelling scented rose petal soap. These lifelike looking soap roses will give a uniquely indulgent and aromatic bath experience.

2. How to decorate with rose petals and candles ?

Ans: Wondering how to decorate with rose petals? They are so versatile and easy to work with, you can use them along with candles in a ceremony, reception, honeymoon suite, and more.  

  • Create a romantic path into a suite with battery-operated candles and a trail of rose petals. 
  • Treat yourself to some self-care and make a rose petal bath accompanied by tealights.  
  • Scatter some rose petals on tabletops to add a touch of romance to meals. This is an excellent way to make it into a special meal and not just any other date meal at home. This can be done at home, but you can also do it in a restaurant.  
  • Brighten up water-filled glass bowls with floating candles circled by ringlets of petals.

3. Where can I buy rose petals and candles ?

Ans: Add a touch of stunning flair to your events by using TableclothsFactory's silk rose petals and candles in your décor. There are many ways to use faux rose petals to spruce up your wedding and reception decor. They are also an inexpensive alternative to fresh flower petals and can be used over and over again.

4. How to make a bouquet with foam roses ?

Ans: Creating your own foam roses bouquet can be a lovely project for your wedding or any special event. Once you have picked from our beautiful selection of foam roses, use floral tape to secure them together. You can use foam roses of varying sizes to create a dimension. Try to keep it even and symmetrical and by filing in any gaps with some artificial greenery, like eucalyptus.

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