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Rose Petals & Glitter

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Rose Petals & Glitter

Does inspiration wash over you? If a big day is around the corner, and you desire to make an everlasting statement, it’s time you explore our collection of polyester rose petals and loose glitter.

Make no mistake; you deserve to be surrounded with rose petals on your special day. While live petals cost a lot and may wilt at the worst possible moment, you can stock up on our inexpensive artificial flower petals months before the event and even use them time and time again. Available in a wide range of colors, they can flawlessly fit in with any color theme, whether it calls for navy blue rose petal for weddings, green silk rose petals, pink silk rose petals, silver rose petals, turquoise blue rose petals, white silk rose petals, and beyond. Apart from our silk rose petals for table confetti, which mimic a delicate beauty and lifelike construction of fresh rose petals, our collection also carries  silver silk heart petal confetti and silk butterfly petal confetti. Whichever color and shape you choose, feel free to scatter these petals all over the tables, aisles, or staircases. Meanwhile, whenever you wish to sprinkle some glitter on your accessories or even make glitter rose petals, look no further than our 23 grams light blue extra fine glitters – you can only guess, which miracles our glitter can work together with glue!

Needless to say, nothing adds festive flair into celebrations like flowers and sparkly things. With our silk rose petal & glitter collection, we’ve combined the two. Please visit it now to choose whatever you need to take your décor from drab to fab!

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