Satin & Organza Wired Edge Ribbon


Wired Edge Satin & Sheer Organza Ribbon

Can’t make your ribbons hold their shape? There’s no need to waste your precious time anymore – our wired organza ribbon from TableclothsFactory is a time- and cost-effective way to fix things up. Made from high-quality fabric, both these satin wired edge ribbon & organza wired edge ribbons feature stylish wired edging, which gives a perfectly neat and finished look to your crafts.

Depending on which fabrics you give your preference to, feel free to choose between our wired organza ribbon or wired satin ribbon wholesale. To get the best of both worlds, look no further than our 2.5" royal wired edge organza ribbon – crafted from see-through organza, this wired edge organza ribbon has satin edging, making it equally suitable for both your satin and organza decorations. 

Whether you need a purple wired ribbon, navy blue wired ribbon, or pink wired ribbon, rest assured – with a rainbow of shades, you’ll always find the needed hue. Regarding the sizes, you won’t be disappointed either – available in a variety of widths, our ribbons can easily become a part of your centerpieces, floral arrangements, favors, headpieces, and apparel.

We understand that there’s no better way to present a gift than with a large wired edge satin ribbon perched on top of a lovely box. With TableclothsFactory, you can present as many of those lovely boxes as you can – our wired organza ribbons offer exceptional quality at reasonable prices. But don’t take our word for it, please visit our collection now and see what we have to offer.




1. What can I make with wired ribbon ?

Ans: The majority of people believe that craft ribbons are solely used to decorate wrapped gifts and favor bags. Contrary to these assumptions, a wire edge ribbon is one of the most versatile ornaments available that can be used in a variety of artistic applications. Take a look at the cool wired edge ribbon crafts below, which you can do in under an hour.

  • Use colorful wired satin ribbon and create several cute ribbon wands, great toys for your kids, or to give to guests as a party favor.
  • Personalize your themed party cards and invitations by tying a blue wired ribbon bow or a pink wired ribbon bow around the envelope. For the perfect finishing touch, add a little pearl or crystal adornment.
  • Anything looks brighter and prettier with a bow on it. The traditional bow tree topper out of a wide wired ribbon is simple to make and the end result can be very beautiful, making it a must-have for any home on the holidays.
  • Holiday wired ribbon wreaths look lovely hung on a front entrance or as the centerpiece of a dining room table with candles in the middle.
  • Handmade hanging pomander balls made from our wholesale wired ribbon by the roll will provide a pop of color and texture to any event or home decor.

2. How to wrap a present with wired ribbon ?

Ans: There's nothing more rewarding than placing the final touches on your gifts and party favors. Do you want to wrap a present with an exquisite wired sheer ribbon because of how well it holds its shape, but you're afraid you're not crafty enough? It's easier than you think to tie a gorgeous, fluffy wired craft ribbon bow on a gift and you don’t need any special abilities to do so.

When tying bows using a wired ribbon, do not hurry. Instead, take your time to ensure that the ribbon looks full and does not bend or flatten in an unintended manner as you shape it. One of the most popular bows is a two-loop bow, which is also the easiest to make. It is done similarly to tying a shoelace. 

Make a beautiful wire ribbon bow with more than two loops to give your present or favors a more intricate look. This isn't done like a two-loop bow; instead, it's made by layering ribbon folds one on top of the other and connecting the layers together in the middle with a piece of matching floral wire.

3. How to curl wide wired ribbon ?

Ans: A straight, simple-looking ribbon can look elegant and minimalistic at the same time. However, they can appear a little raw and plain at times, so why not add some lovely curls to give a subtle twist to them? Curling ribbon, whether it's for gifts or embellishments, can be done in a variety of ways. 

You can curl certain ribbons by using a pair of scissors. Wide organza ribbons on the other hand require a wooden dowel or stick. Since this kind of ribbon is already wired, you don’t need to apply any starch solution for it to hold its shape. Once you have finished wrapping the wired ribbon around the wooden stick or dowel, tuck your fingers beneath the first curl and begin to turn the dowel in the opposite direction that the ribbon is twisted on, and it will begin to come off pretty easily.

4. Where to buy wired ribbon ?

Ans: Do you have trouble shaping your fabric ribbons, and in the end, you can't get them to hold their shape until you use a stiffening spray? That is, to say the least, annoying and difficult. As a result, we recommend checking out TableclothsFactory's gorgeous selection of wholesale wired ribbons by the roll, which provides superb flexibility and added body, allowing you to make even more stunning and remarkable crafts and projects.

Turn mundane presents, floral arrangements, wreath crafts, and even home decor into dreamlike charms with our wired ribbon. Wires are sewn into both sides of this decorative wired ribbon, making it stiffer than non-wired ribbons. This wholesale wired ribbon is ideal for gift wrapping, event decorations, and favor making that requires the ribbon to maintain its shape. So you're not left scrambling, purchase these packaging crown jewels now for last-minute gifts and DIY crafts.

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