Satin Ribbons


Satin Ribbons

As a token of festivity, satin has always been a part of celebratory décor. To this end, when looking for trims to personalize your party favors, you shouldn’t look any further than our wholesale satin ribbon collection. Featuring that signature glossy texture, our satin trims seem to whisper that something special is going to happen.

With the range of sizes, you can always find satin ribbons to suit your taste and to complement your theme. Thus, depending on what idea is in your mind, feel free to choose from our 1'' satin ribbon, 1/16'' single face satin ribbon, 3/8'' DIY satin ribbon, or 1.5'' DIY satin ribbon, to name just a few. 

At the same time, if your project calls for something thinner and sturdier than a classic satin ribbon, you can consider our 2mm rattail ribbon – made from polyester, this trim features a glossy finish, making it ideal for Chinese knots, jewelry-making, veil trimming, tying favors, and pew bows. Meanwhile, those who are looking for something other than solid-colored fabric ribbons can get creative with our 1/8'' satin polka dot ribbon, which makes a perfect match with our polka-dotted table linens, dinner plates, and cups.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that any décor is all about details. If you don’t know how to complement your crafts, you’ll never go wrong with satin. Available in an extensive range of colors and sizes, our ribbons can take your décor to the next level of sophistication. Whether you need a thick or thin satin ribbon, please don’t hesitate to consider our bulk ribbon collection!




1. How to glue satin ribbon to fabric ?

Ans: Using fabric glue is a great alternative to traditional sewing especially for beginners and people who are not into needlework. These adhesives work well by sticking two pieces of fabric but they also work wonders on sticking satin ribbon to a piece of fabric.

This fancy ribbon comes in many colors, styles, and sizes, so choose one that will look wonderful when paired with your fabrics. You can try pinning your satin ribbon bow or satin ribbon flowers to the fabric before gluing them to obtain a glimpse of your DIY ribbon decorations. After applying glue to the backside of your ribbon craft, carefully place them on your fabric. 

You may want to quickly remove any excess glue before it gets dried. Press firmly to achieve a good seal and ensure that your satin craft ribbon would not easily fall off. If necessary, place a weighted object on top of the ribbon.

2. Can you iron on satin ribbon ?

Ans: There's nothing better than looking at the silky and shiny surface of a single and double faced satin ribbon. However, whether you have a scrap ribbon from a previous project or you happened to find some craft supplies stashed in your drawers, this craft and floral ribbon can be full of wrinkles and unsightly creases. Despite this, you shouldn't worry too much as you can get rid of those crumples by ironing them.

On a flat ironing board with a low heat setting, quickly glide the iron across your wrinkled wide satin ribbon. Water can be sprayed on it using a spray bottle to flatten out stubborn creases. Furthermore, even though you can iron these craft ribbons, you must do it with care, just like you would with your other apparel and garments.

3. How to make satin ribbon stiff ?

Ans: A stiff ribbon is required for a glamorous finishing touch whether used to accentuate dresses, hair clips, floral bows, wedding invitations, used as a Christmas tree topper, or working on a specific DIY project. When wired or grosgrain ribbons are folded, twisted, or tied in a knot, they remain firm. Unwired ribbons such as organza ribbons and satin arts and crafts ribbons, on the other hand, are frail and delicate by nature and will require a little bit of help to become stiff and hold their shape.

  • After you've styled a piece of ribbon to your liking, you may start spraying fabric stiffener or hair spray on it.
  • Begin spraying from the top and work your way down.
  • Dry your creation with a hair dryer set on low heat for at least five seconds. Wait a few minutes before turning the ribbon over and repeating the process on the other side.

4. Where to buy satin ribbon ?

Ans: Are you attempting to make crafts with ribbon to give your DIY creations a more fascinating and opulent feel? Satin craft ribbons provide a lustrous, seductive appearance that we're sure you'll appreciate. Check out our wide assortment of satin ribbon wholesale, which will add charm and special touch to your silky home decorating and event creations.

You can now easily put your unique ribbon decorating ideas into reality with TableclothsFactory because our satin wholesale ribbon by the roll is available in a variety of colors, including festive gold satin ribbon, bold red satin ribbon, gleaming white satin ribbon, sleek black satin ribbon, and more.

You'll never run out of ideas and crafts to make since we have so many varieties of bulk satin ribbon for home and special events. Take a look at our double faced satin ribbon wholesale, polka dot satin ribbon, satin center ribbon, satin edge ribbon, and many more!

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