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Self Adhesive Rhinestones and Gem Stickers


Self Adhesive Rhinestones and Gem Stickers

Self Adhesive Rhinestones and Gem Stickers

If you want to surround yourself with rare gems, you don’t necessarily have to purchase real ones! Made from high-quality plastic, our Self Adhesive Rhinestones and Gem Stickers mimic the construction and regal sheen of their natural counterparts.

Depending on your artistic aspirations, feel free to choose from a huge lot of colors, shapes, and designs. In case you are in search of self-adhesive pearls for your underwater theme, look no further than our 486 pcs self-adhesive multi-sized diamond rhinestone pearl-shaped DIY stickers. While these craft jewels imitate the gloss of real pearls, they are available in more colors than a rainbow can offer!

If you happen to be looking for crystal gem stickers, lucky you are – as our collection Self Adhesive Rhinestones and Gem Stickers offer a huge variety of rhinestone embellishments, ranging from our heart design self-adhesive diamond rhinestone DIY stickers to multi-sized adhesive gemstones. Whenever you are in need of rhinestone heart stickers and rhinestone letter stickers to add a personalized touch to your accessories, we can help you with our clear double heart diamond stickers and self-adhesive clear letter diamond rhinestone DIY stickers.  

These glistening bling stickers are self-adhesive, sticky, and easy to stick on your crafts. Also made available in different colors, sizes, shapes to make sure there are enough craft bling choices to meet your various needs. Spend less time fiddling with glue or double-sided tape and save valuable time and money with our shiny self-adhesive rhinestone sheets and gemstone stickers.

Bling Stickers
Rhinestone Embellishments

Our self-adhesive rhinestones have a very sticky adhesive that makes DIY and embellishment projects a breeze. Just peel and stick these jewel stickers and have fun decorating and adding the finishing touches to vases, candle holders, cake and cupcake stands, notes, favors, place cards, and just about everything.

With TableclothsFactory, you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to throw a bling-bling theme bash. If the shimmer and glimmer of your accessories are not sufficient to suit the occasion, or you simply strive to personalize them, our collection of Self Adhesive Rhinestones and Gem Stickers is the best place to shop from. Please don’t hesitate to visit it now in order to feel like a Diva on your significant date.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Where to buy rhinestones ?

Ans: If you are looking to embellish craft projects quickly and easily, which doesn't involve using messy glue or fuzzy double-side tape, then you've come to the right place. Effortlessly add brilliant craft bling to multiple surfaces, including paper, plastic, wood, and walls.

A timeless way to bring a touch of elegance to any design, TableclothsFactory's adhesive gemstones is also ideal for papercraft projects like decorating cards, scrapbooks, or invitations. Our lustrous acrylic rhinestone embellishments feature a variety of dimensional and sparkly jewel stickers that are guaranteed to make any project stand out.

2. How to use rhinestone sheets ?

Ans: Our self-adhesive rhinestones are embedded in the sheet and cannot be removed one by one. You have to cut the sheet according to the design and style you are going to use them. Easy and convenient to use, just peel them off and stick them on the smooth surface of the items you want to decorate.

3. How to make rhinestones stay on glass ?

Ans: Rhinestone-covered glasses are without question a beautiful and elegant way to add that unique decorative touch to any room in your home or event. Create dazzling glass centerpieces without having to pay a hefty amount with jewel stickers. Just make sure your glass is clean before sticking your gemstone stickers. You can also use different colors and sizes of rhinestones or try making different patterns for your project.


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