Sequin Fabric Bolts


Sequin Fabric Bolts

Because all things that glitter go hand in hand with wealth, we’ve been attracted to sparkles since the dawn of mankind. Whenever you want to add an element of luxury into your décor without forking out for rare gems, shop for sequin fabric by the yard from our online store.

In case you are looking to accentuate your masterpiece with a piece of beaded sequin fabric,  we can help you out with our silver psychedelic chemical sequin fabric bolt – featuring shiny sequin beads atop see-through tulle material, this sequin fabric rolls is a sure-fire way to liven up any dreary decoration or ambiance. If you are head over heels for sequin rounds sewn onto a glossy taffeta surface, our taffeta sequin fabric bolt, lyrical floral swirl taffeta sequin fabric bolt, or taffeta with sequin design fabric bolt will surely sate your yearning!. To add more volume and dimension into your décor, we suggest you use our party craft tulle fabric bolt with sequin and satin work – this sequin material combines everything our customers adore in fabrics: the translucency of tulle, the seamless gloss of satin, and the festive glitz of sequins.

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that there are those special occasions, which require more glitz and sparkle. In case you don’t have extra funds to flaunt your festivity, don’t fret – with our collection of sequin fabric bolts, you can easily transform your party space into a royal realm without breaking the bank. Whether you need black, red, green, silver, or gold sequin bolts, please don’t wait to explore our collection today!

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