Sequin Tulle


Sequin Tulle

Obtaining a glamorous look for your venue's décor or apparel is now easy with our sequin tulle fabric collection designed to ooze oodles of splendor. Perfect for backdrops, centerpieces, flowers, gift-wrapping, or even sequin tulle dresses, our sequin tulle bolts and rolls will add a luxurious feel to any item.

Swoon over the charming intricacy of lace and festive shimmer of organza? Make no mistake, our Silver/White Thread Lace Knitting Patterns Sequined Fabric Roll will work for you – this sequin lace fabric will leave your audience totally bewitched. 

In case you need something finer than those large sequin rounds stitched to the lace fabric, you can choose between our Sheer Sequin Tulle Fabric Bolt for your dresses, tablecloths, or backdrops or for your favors, centerpieces, headpieces, and more!

While buying sequin tulle and organza fabric bolts may be a bit pricey, TableclothsFactory gives you a unique chance to save some cash – our sequin organza fabric collection unites the heavenly sheerness of organza and a festive glimmer of sequin! Regardless of your initial plans, please don’t hesitate to stop by our full collection to get some inspiration and high-quality sequin material fabric bolts!




1. What to make with sequin fabric ?

Ans: Tulle adorned with a plethora of small sparkling glitters that gleam brightly and attractively will make objects look mysterious and fantasy-like or create a romantic environment. There is a myriad of ways to use this lightweight, versatile sequin mesh fabric, from creating bridal decorations to evening clothing and dazzling gowns to veils, bows, accessories, tulle flowers, home décor, tutu skirts, and many more items.

Additionally, sequin fabrics can be used to make decors such as party backdrops, table covers and overlays, window treatments, chair sashes, and for colorfully wrapping party goodies and presents. So what are you waiting for? Design your next outfit or accessories with this sparkly sheer fabric to liven and dazzle up for an upcoming special occasion, wedding, and more.

2. How to iron sequin fabric ?

Ans: With a sequin tulle fabric, it’s possible to give new colors and brightness to your drab, plain-looking decors as these textiles are known for bringing scintillating effects to anything it touches. Despite its attractive appearance, this fabric, like other textiles, is prone to creases and obstinate wrinkles. That is why you must understand how to properly care for sequined tulle material in order to keep them looking great for a long time.

The ultimate rule is to never iron sequin-adorned tulle fabric. Even ironing the wrong side of the fabric with a pressing cloth will still melt the sequins or glue. If you must remove creases on your sparkly mesh fabric, use a garment steamer with caution. Steam on the wrong side of the sequin fabric, and keep the handheld steamer at least 12 inches away from it. 

Sequined tulle can also be made wrinkle-free by hanging it in a steamy shower for at least 30 minutes. To eliminate the wrinkles completely, allow the tulle with sequins to dry completely before using it.

3. Where can I buy sequin fabric ?

Ans: Are you looking for a beautiful fabric to add a touch of sparkle to your clothing, craft items, and embellishments? Then have a look at our extensive collection of sequin tulle fabric bolt, which can be used to complement your existing DIY projects and decorations in a variety of ways.

TableclothsFactory has a wide selection of glittering sequined tulle fabric in a variety of colors and patterns. You should select the appropriate design to complement your decor demands, whether you intend to use these materials to spruce up your home or liven up your party venues. If you're still undecided, look for ideas that inspire you, and then experiment with different combinations until you find your own distinctive style.

If you want to give your ornaments a cool yet energizing vibe, use our white sequin fabric roll. These colors can be combined with practically any other color on the market. Choose our sheer orange sequin fabric, on the other hand, to bring warmth and an uplifting vibe to your decors. Depending on how they're used, these colors can give off a modern or rustic vibe.

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