Sofa & Pillow Covers


Sofa & Pillow Covers


Home décor consists of many aspects such as wall décor, dining table décor, and so on. But what makes an immediate impact in the minds of your guests and visitors will be your living room décor. Speaking of which, Sofa And Pillow Covers play a mighty significant role in enhancing the looks of your living room and the exquisite range of sofa covers and throw pillow covers available at Tableclothsfactory can be your best bet.

The inclusion of stretch sofa covers and pillow case covers can make your living room décor look highly resplendent. It is completely up to you to choose colors that might either complement the wall paint or be in complete contrast to it. If you wish to choose a combination of subtle pastels and popping vibrancy, then go with our charcoal gray spandex jacquard sofa slipcover, rose gold sequin throw pillow covers, and red sequin throw pillow covers

This alluring combination of popping vibrancy and subtle charcoal gray color tones will look truly impressive and elevate the living room décor with impeccable flair and finesse. And for those who prefer items that look uniquely elegant, the Lamour satin burgundy foil print throw pillow covers can be the perfect choice as the chic design and enthralling color tone can deck up your living room with flawless beauty.

Not just the living rooms, our unique range of pillow covers can be used to deck up your backyard sit-outs, balconies, and even your bedrooms with astounding grandeur. So, do not hold yourself back and visit Tableclothsfactory right now to check out our complete range of sofa and pillow covers.




1. What size covers for throw pillows?

Ans: There's no denying that the secret to having the best fluffy and stylish looking sofa cushions is having the right cushion insert. But relying solely on the pads would not be enough to complete the look of your living space. In fact, an accent pillow with a pillow cover can make or break the vibe and ambiance of a room. 

A smaller throw pillow case can feel too tight, and choosing a much larger pillowcase can feel saggy. That's why in order for your cushion pillows to look their best, it's crucial that you choose the right size of couch pillow covers.

If you love pillows and are one of those interior enthusiasts, we're sure you'll know where and how to look for the right size sofa pillow covers. However, if you have just discovered the beauty of these sofa cushions and are starting to love them, we understand that it can be quite confusing to decide between pillow cover sizes. But don't worry, we are here to help you!

When it comes to choosing the correct size of covers for couch pillows, it is generally recommended that your inserts be 2" larger than the pillow covering you intend to purchase. Doing so will ensure that your pillow looks fluffy and luxurious. Otherwise, it will only look saggy and loose if you choose decorative pillow cases that are larger than pillow inserts.

2. How to clean removable sofa covers ? 

Ans: In addition to your soft bed and nice cozy chair, your sofa may be one of the most used pieces of furniture in your home. You may think that your sofa offers great value for money and we totally agree with you. But for that very reason, since most family gatherings take place in the living room, your sofa can also be a place where dirt and stains collect, which in turn can make your living room look dirty over time.

When you think about it, compared to cleaning the entire sofa, cleaning a removable stretchy sofa cover is much easier and less hassle. Understanding how to wash fabric couch covers correctly will prevent you from damaging the fabric and spending a lot of money just to get new stretch couch covers, which could end up being a huge headache down the line.

Most of the time, removable and stretch sofa slipcovers are machine washable like our elastic sofa cover, in that case, you can start washing them in the washing machine at a temperature of about 30 degrees centigrade. The use of mild laundry detergents is recommended. To avoid ruining your stretch slip covers, avoid using bleach, and don't iron them.

3. Where to buy sofa covers ? 

Ans: Whether you're in the mood to give your favorite sofa a new look, or just want an extra layer to keep them well protected, a beautiful-looking stretch sofa cover could be the perfect décor piece for you. And if you're looking for the best selections of stretch slipcovers online, you may want to take a look at our collection of stretchable sofa covers to give your sofas the beauty and elegance they deserve.

Our stretchy couch covers will not only help protect your furniture from unexpected spills, stains, rips, and scratches, but they are also more than capable of transforming an old and worn-out sofa and giving it a new look. These breathable stretch slipcovers for sofa are easy to install and remove as needed, making them perfect for sprucing up living room sofas, bedroom sofas, 3-seater sofas, and more.

Our stretch furniture covers are guaranteed to suit the majority of sofas while providing the greatest level of safety for your kids and pets thanks to its sturdy polyester spandex structure and remarkable stretch.

4. Where to buy throw pillow covers ?

Ans: Looking for an easy way to change the feel of your bedroom and living room without breaking the bank? Well, updating your space doesn't have to be expensive, sometimes a piece of décor that you consider small and trivial can give your favorite areas the most adorable transformation. Nothing does the job better than decorative pillow covers when it comes to reviving any space and updating an outdated cushion that doesn't match the sofa's design.

Soft and elegant accent pillow covers are all you need to give your sofa or bed a beautiful new look. And if you're looking for chic and stylish covers for sofa pillows, you may want to check out TableclothsFactory's great selection of throw pillow cases. Our sofa pillow cases come in a variety of materials for you to choose from, including sleek satin, soft velvet, and sparkly sequins to conveniently meet most home décor needs.

Easily change your home décor from one season to the next by incorporating matching square pillow covers. Toss your beautiful pillow with its matching beautiful pillowcase cover on sofas, chairs, window seats, and many more to give these spaces some color and softness without taking too much of your time and would just need minimal home decor commitment. 

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