Sound Activated Lights


Sound Activated Lights

You must have noticed the lights in the disco or bars turning ON and OFF along with the beats of the music. These lights gleam and beam according to the range and tone of music beats, primarily, these are intended to pick the high-intensity vibration like bass sound. So these lights emulate the high pitch beats in tunes like drum beats and turn ON and OFF along with the music pattern.

Make a display of light anywhere that dances flawlessly along with your melody. This music sync LED lights operate in modes that use an embedded microphone to have the lights react to the music you're playing. With the built-in battery pack, these lights that sync with music like our sound activated party fidco ball are ready to operate without requiring to be charged and don't need any app download as well to give you an astonishing light show experience right away. Use without complications or connections, our sound activated strobe flash lights automatically recognize room vibration and the LED lights shuffles to the rhythm of your music! They even have a built-in auto-timer to bring your light display to life.

Give a bit of zing to your birthday bashes, wedding parties, friend's night out and stage performances with our super bright white sound activated strobe lights. Our portable sound activated strobe lights are all one needs to jazz up any celebration and event. With a stylish rectangular shape and metallic blue shade, this beat sync lights is fancy enough to find a pride of a place anywhere at your party.

The handle assists bring portability, while the tripod stand helps keep it in firm placement. The rotational spin of the spotlight casts glamorous swirling patterns on the wall in a starry night and moving star styles. Feel the night skies glimmering with myriads of twinkling stars all around you and liven up the stage by bopping and rocking all night long. Follow the rhythm of groovy music and shimmer of lurid lights enveloping you with their charismatic appeal and let yourself sink in these lights that sync with music!

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