Soup / Salad Bowls


Soup / Salad Bowls

Any sumptuous meal platter that is served to the heart’s delight starts off with good soups and salads. That is where TableclothsFactory comes in with its assorted range of soup bowls and salad bowls to make the experience even more exhilarating. The sparkling grandeur that our Soup / Salad Bowls collection exhibits the scrumptiousness of your starters and soups manifold.

A wide and diverse range is what we offer which gets every event covered here at The White Round 12oz Disposable Plastic Soup Bowl With Royal Blue & Silver Rim at corporate events and business meetings will add up to their sophistication. If there is a candid family gathering or an intimate dinner around the corner, display your hospitality by serving salads in our Gold Embossed White 12oz Disposable Plastic Soup Bowl or treat them royal with our White Round 12oz Disposable Plastic Soup Bowl With Gold Vine & Red Rim. The Silver Embossed White 12oz Disposable Plastic Soup Bowl are the perfect fit for formal and casual parties and events.

Made with high-quality hard plastic, these sturdy disposable soup bowls are durable enough to withstand excessive temperatures. They also do not crack or break under pressure avoiding any spillage or leaking onto the floor carpets or the table runners. Our stylish plastic soup bowls and plastic salad bowls are completely eco-friendly making them easy for disposal after the event and also not leaving any negative impacts and consequences on our environment.

Robust and sturdy nature and the durability of life is all accredited to the high-quality hard plastic used in manufacturing these attractive and enticing set of Soup / Salad Bowls. Visit now to look, choose and buy from abundant choices of these graceful dinner items.




1. Can I put hot soup in a plastic bowl ?

Ans: One challenge with serving hot soups is that they must be served in bowls that are of high quality and large enough to accommodate soups because they are hot and runny. If you're hosting a big event, it can cost much to use ceramic bowls, so your other option is to use disposable plastic soup containers because paper and foam bowls are not sturdy or reliable enough. But now you're wondering if a disposable soup bowl made from plastic is safe enough for your guest to use.

Not all plastic bowls are safe for hot food, especially soups, but using the best disposable bowls for hot soup that are approved for use with hot food, like those available at, are safe to use for steamy soups and other hot meals. Now you don’t have to worry about adding a disposable plastic bowl to your table setting because we offer affordable and disposable hard plastic bowls that not only look elegant but are made of high-quality material perfect for both hot and cold food.

2. How to clean a stained soup plastic bowl ?

Ans: Is there anything more aggravating than plastic bowls and plates that are stained? Disaster strikes after serving pasta with tomato sauce, jellies, and all other food dyes that can stain the bowl, which was spotless and clean. Despite your best efforts to scrub off the stain well, it still won't go away. No one wants to eat off a stained plastic bowl, so you think your only option is to count it as a loss and throw away your stained and discolored disposable bowls.

However, that's not always the case. A few techniques can help you wash those plastic snack bowls and restore their elegant look. Using any readily available household cleaner and rinsing them well to remove any food stains is the key to ensuring that your plastic bowls and dishes are clean and spot-free.


Pour water and vinegar into the stained container in an equal mixture and let it sit for two to three hours. After that, wash and dry the container. Don't worry about the strong vinegar smell because once your bowl has dried, it will fade.


In addition to removing food stains, baking soda is also useful for removing oily residue on plastic party bowls and plates. Simply combine water and baking soda to produce a paste and then apply it to the stained container. After letting it sit for 20-30 minutes, rinse and dry your bowl.


Simply rub some lemon juice on the stained part of the bowl or other plastic dinnerware and let it sit under the heat of the sun. Discoloration and even bacteria can be removed by combining lemon and the sun's UV rays.

  • SALT

Sometimes all you need to get rid of those tough stains is a little water and some plain old salt. Gently scrub the stained parts of your hard plastic bowl with salt using a moist towel. Repeat the procedure until the discoloration has disappeared.

3. Where to buy plastic bowls ?

Ans: Give in to your desire for an inexpensive yet exquisite tablescape with Tableclothsfactory's soup and salad bowls. Now you can easily plan and create a sophisticated, elegant, convenient, and affordable wedding or party with these high-quality plastic bowls and disposable salad containers. Perfect for house parties or semi-formal gatherings because they have the elegant look of fine china and are made of thicker material than standard disposable bowls, so you don't have to worry about them melting or breaking while in use.  

These fancy bowls, which feature delicate, smooth printed rims to further enhance your table setting and food presentation, are a stylish way to serve both cold and hot foods. Even though they are meant to be disposable, these lovely plastic bowls and plastic salad bowl may be cleaned and reused for your next occasion because they are made to look like ceramic bowls. Ideal for events where salads and soups may be served. 

The nice part about this disposable tableware is that you can either match them with a single hue of crockery for a consistent presentation or utilize several color combinations for an elegant impact. Our disposable salad bowl is perfectly suited to contain your heartiest snacks and sweets as well as full servings of hot, liquid delights while its wide rim helps prevent spilling. Discover the ideal accent for your party using our plastic bowl for salad and soups and feel the difference in quality.

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