Spandex Folding Chair Covers


Spandex Folding Chair Covers

You can decorate fast, hassle-free, and easy on your pocket with our spandex folding chair covers. Why buy new chairs if you can transform your old ones into sophisticated seats for your esteemed guests? Made from three-way stretch spandex, these linens are not just a perfect fit for any chairs but are also durable enough to withstand extensive use. 

Available in a variety of shades, a spandex chair cover from our collection can become an integral part of any color scheme. Thus, if your soft-colored palette calls for something plain, like white, grey, or black folding chair covers, feel free to choose from our silver spandex stretch folding chair cover, black spandex stretch folding chair cover, charcoal grey spandex stretch folding chair cover, ivory spandex stretch folding chair cover, or white spandex stretch folding chair cover

Are you looking for stretch folding chair covers in a bolder hue? There’s no doubt that our blush spandex stretch folding chair cover, fuchsia spandex stretch folding chair cover, and red spandex stretch folding chair cover will definitely win your heart. Whether you go for white spandex chair covers, burgundy spandex folding chair covers, or a bunch of blue spandex folding chair covers, please don’t hesitate to style them with matching chair sashes from our online store. 

At tableclothsfactory, we strive to make your decoration experience enjoyable and hassle-free. Our spandex folding chair covers are an ideal solution when the looks of chairs are not satisfactory. To see everything for yourself, please drop by our collection!




1. How to store spandex chair covers ?

Ans: It is crucial to protect your investment after purchasing chair coverings for a large event. Check out our helpful tips on how to properly store covers for folding chairs so they will last for years to come.

  • Store folding chair spandex covers in a cool, dry, and preferably well-ventilated place. This can keep stored chair covers dry and prevent mold and mildew from growing on them, which would damage them.
  • Avoid folding the cover in half as it will cause wrinkles. Instead, neatly fold it into quarters.
  • Save the plastic bag that the covers came in. You can put the covers back in the bag and store them in plastic storage bins, boxes, or drawers.
  • If you want to hang them, you can use hangers designed for curtains and draperies as they are made to hold much more weight than normal hangers. Store them in a closet by folding them slightly in half, either horizontally or vertically, to fit the width of your hangers. Also, look for hangers with clips or padded hangers that won't leave a mark on your folding chair cover.

Bonus tip: Use labels to indicate the different types of chair cover material and colors in order to make the most of your storage spaces.

2. Where can I buy spandex chair covers ?

Ans: Chair covers are great to have if you are looking to give your party or wedding a complete makeover. If you want to transform conventional armless folding chairs into the perfect addition to a table covered in an eye-catching tablecloth, you can do that and more with the help of our high quality spandex folding chairs cover.

Durable and of premium quality, our chair covers for folding chairs are built to last and provide a modern look even after frequent use. Each has pockets that fit into the chair legs to provide a snug fit and complete the polished look. And aside from spandex, we offer chair covers made of other fabrics. 

No matter the wedding theme or event style, we have a wonderful selection of stretch chair covers to help you create an impressive and unforgettable event setting. 


How do you make a folding chair look good?

One of the simplest and fastest methods to improve the appearance of folding chairs is to simply cover them. You can rent or purchase folding chair slip covers and they do not require any special skills to install. For a more glamorous look, you can add spandex sashes, rhinestone pin sash buckles, or any other chair sash of your choice. 

But aside from folding chair covers, you can decorate your chair in a variety of ways to enhance its appearance for special occasions or for everyday use.


It's amazing how well tulle dresses folding chairs. You have many alternatives because it is adaptable and can be molded into a variety of shapes. You can make a bow out of it, wrap it around the chair from top to bottom, or even let it fall over the back of the chair. Although tulle is often used for weddings, it is also fantastic for many other types of celebrations.


Burlap is a fantastic material choice if you want to appear more natural while adding style. It has numerous applications that will take your folding chairs to the next level. Burlap, while suitable for many other occasions, makes a stunning decoration for holiday gatherings and rustic-chic themed parties.


The most fabulous method to spruce up your chairs is with flowers and greenery. You can choose any type, variety, size, color, shape, and quantity of florals and greens, giving you a wide range of possibilities. You can finish the look by adding ribbons to a flower bouquet and placing it on the back of a folding chair for extra vibrancy.

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