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String Beads


String Beads

Since the dawn of time, pearls have always been a true emblem of style, elegance, and elevated status. To this end, if you want to demonstrate your high-end taste and the significance of your event, our collection of string beads is the best place to shop from. Made from sturdy plastic, our string pearl beads mimic the peerless gloss and charm of real pearls! 

With the immense selection of colors and designs, the string of beads from tableclothsfactory will definitely trigger your imagination even if you are not going to get creative. Thus, if you are into classics, you shouldn’t look any further than our 30mm faux pearl beads vase fillers, 20mm faux pearl beads vase fillers, and 8mm large faux pearl beads (for those who don’t have enough time for stringing beads). In case you are looking to experiment with sizes and shapes, you can let your creativity run free with our 62ft pearl garland strings and 62 yards 9mm pearl heart strand beads garland. Meanwhile, our 6mm pearl bead strings, featuring faceted beads, will become a perfect addition to your disco-style event decor. 

At tableclothsfactory, we understand that your creativity calls for high-quality materials to bring your ideas to life. Whenever you are looking to fill your vases, style your manzanitas, or fashion your eye-popping fascinators, please don’t neglect our collection of string beads!  

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