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Stylish Curtains

Speaking of events like wedding ceremonies and birthday celebrations and one thing that garners attention from everybody alongside many others is the décor of the event. Among many décor and party supplies that look stunning, the stylish curtains reserve their own special place among the list which set up the tone of the event.

And tableclothsfactory has made it easy to choose from the best by making available a premium range of collection of decorative curtains all at one place which is sure to look striking and arresting with their awe-inspiring beauty when used as part of the event décor.

Be it the Rose Gold Metallic Foil Fringe Curtain or the Gold Dazzling Metallic Foil Flower Backdrop that is used to decorate the stage, it will attract every shutterbug present at the ceremony. The shimmering fringe metallic foils or the gleaming gold flower backdrop, these stylish curtains are sure to beautify every photo with their sheer shining presence at the ceremony.

If sheen and shimmer is one characteristic feature of these decorative window panels then flair and flawless beauty is definitely the other one that attracts undivided attention from every person present to make the occasion a special one. The Double Sided Tulle Backdrop Sheer Curtain Panels either individually or along with the Sequential Cool White LED Lights with Curtain Backdrop displays pure grandeur effortlessly.

Being part of a wedding ceremony or a stage hosting the birthday party of a toddler or a child, this décor setup involving the fancy curtains will be everyone’s focus admiring and adoring its visual appeal without any doubt. If parties and ceremonies deserve grand treatment of décor then your houses deserve it too as it is your personal space that shares an emotional connection with your soul.

Decorative Curtains
Fancy Curtains

The Long Silk String Tassels Backdrop Curtains near the windows and Crystal Diamond Beaded Curtain with Bendable Plastic Rod do perfect justice to make your houses look wondrous basking in décor beauty. The extravagance of the crystals and exuberance of the silk tassels included in these stylish window treatments let you flaunt your artistic sense of décor that make the interiors of your house look resplendent.

Providing chicness and enormous allure to the ceremonies and your houses, these party and home décor supplies are easy to install and remove once the purpose is done without any hassle. So, visit tableclothsfactory right away to shop from various collections of décor products involving stylish curtains that can embellish your events, ceremonies and houses creating many cherishing memories for a lifetime!




1. How to style your curtains ?

Ans: If you are looking for an original and creative decoration for your home or elegant room dividers, unique curtains will offer you the solution you need. Without having to spend a lot you can now add a charming feature to your home for an aesthetically appealing home interior. Read on for some of the best stylish curtain ideas that are sure to inspire a new look in your home interior.

  • Luminous curtain string lights are perfect for creating backgrounds, as a breezy drape behind the bed, a canopy for the nursery, and adding a touch of glam to an otherwise formal space like a home office.
  • You can dress up your interiors with beaded window curtains if you need an indoor curtain that can act as a room divider, style entryways, or for other decorative purposes.
  • Hide or alter the appearance of a wall, column, closet, or pantry with sharp, stylish, and classy tassel string curtains. These silk string curtains are a glamorous room divider and marvelous for windows, doorways, and background decor.
  • If you want to create a charming focal point or add luxury and elegance to any room, hang sequin curtains prominently to give instant glamour to your home space.
  • Add softness to a modern space with breezy tulle backdrop curtains.

    2. How to hang decorative curtains ?

    Ans: Curtains are one of the first things that people see when they walk into your home, which is why making them attractive can benefit you in many ways. Take your living room décor to the next level by hanging a couple of classy curtains, either for privacy or purely aesthetic purposes. 

    The tasteful element of hanging decorative window curtains is obviously a huge consideration. You want the style of your curtains and the way they drape to harmonize with the look and feel of your space. Hanging fancy curtains for living room is almost like hanging regular curtains. Most of them come with rod pockets so you can simply insert your curtain rod of choice into the sewn-in pocket of the curtain.

    For crystal beaded curtains that already come with a plastic rod, you need to screw the adjustable hooks into the door frame or wherever you plan to hang it and slide the curtain rod onto the hooks. It is highly recommended not to undo the ties around the crystal beaded curtains for doorways to prevent them from tangling. Once the plastic bead curtain has been hung, that's the time to remove the ties.

    3. How to use curtain lights ?

    Ans: LED curtain string lights are great home decor accessories and can easily liven up any space or occasion that needs some instant color, pattern, and texture. These cool accent lights also create a nice and cozy ambiance for your home when placed on the window, door, and even in the bedroom.

    These majestic sheer curtains with lights also make a great backdrop for taking great photos. Aside from that, these led curtain lights are ideal for creating different designs indoors and even outdoors. You can hang them from the horizontal beams over your patio or deck for soft and warm ambient lighting outside. 

    4. Where to buy beaded curtains ?

    Ans: If you've had enough with traditional curtains and want to explore something new, we recommend you try including TableclothsFactory’s hanging bead curtains on your shopping list as these beaded string curtains are guaranteed to add fun and charming appeal to your interior.

    If you are envisioning curtains made of beads that have a sleek, understated design or something that will make a big impact at events, our acrylic beaded curtains are simply the perfect fit. You can also create a stunning backdrop out of these indoor beaded curtains for doorways or use them as fantastic accents in the bedroom.

    Our beaded door curtains can be used independently and can also be combined with sheer curtains for a more unique and gorgeous effect. They come with plastic rods and hooks for easy hanging and installation on walls. Use these diamond curtains as beaded room dividers and embellish windows, doorways, hanging beads for closets, and various shelves.

    5. Where to buy string curtains ?

    Ans: If you're looking for the best place to get curtains that can make your interior look classy without having to spend too much, check out TableclothsFactory's delightful selection of string curtains to add to your home design list. These fringe curtains are the perfect choice to create a unique interplay between light and shadow that cannot be executed by any other window covering.

    Our decorative, modern, and playful string door curtains are not only marvelous for windows, doorways, and as background decor but they also make glamorous room dividers or a stage and photo backdrop. Aside from being very versatile, another wonderful feature our thread curtains have is that you can trim them according to your needs without having to worry about fraying edges so you can go all out in decorating your interiors.

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