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Sun Shade Sails

It’s a well-known fact that sun, wind, or rain shade sails are not only elegant in look but also highly convenient in purpose. You need them for all occasions and in all seasons. Whether you want to enjoy a leisurely lunch with your family in the sunny lawns of your backyard or want to host an outdoor event on a hot summer day, you need sun shade sails. An outdoor sun shade sail is perfect for your holidays when you want to spend hours watching sea waves lying in a hammock. Sun shades protect you from harmful UV rays and lets you indulge in your fun and festive activities without any stress or sweat. They add that extra zing to the precious moments of your life.

Whether you’ve been looking for nice and trendy shades to cover your outdoors, or wish to upgrade the aesthetics of your backyard or patio sitting, our vast collection of sturdy and stylish sun shade sail canopy will surely serve all the purposes. As our sails come in different shapes and sizes, they are suitable for different spaces like a patio, lawn, garden, balcony, pool, and courtyard. Made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), these patio shade sails are designed to last long. You can go for our Ivory Triangle Sun Shade Sail if you are intending to spend some time by the sea or you can pick our Tan Triangle Sun Shade if you are planning to cover your patio backyard.

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We at TableclothsFactory, understand the importance of providing top-quality sun shade sails at affordable prices. We have a collection that suits all budgets and décor tastes. Take your pick from the wide variety of styles and options available.




1. How to use shade sails ?

Ans: One of the most effective and affordable ways to bring shelter outdoors is to use sun shade sails, but they are not only functional because they also look aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Here are some wonderful ideas on how to use a shade sail fabric in your outdoor spaces.

  • Install pool sun shades by layering several triangle sun shades over the poolside area to provide ambient shade while filtering out harmful UV rays.
  • Use car sun shade in garages to protect your cars from the sun and occasional rain.
  • Bring a large sun shade over the patio area to make it look fabulous the next time you plan to have an outdoor barbecue party.
  • Relax and enjoy the warm breeze in your backyard, whether sitting in a hammock or in an easy chair under a backyard shade sails.
  • Have an outdoor sail shade in walkway areas, as this prevents direct sunlight from damaging your skin when you walk outside. 

    2. What size sun shade sail do I need ?

    Ans: If you love the aesthetic appeal and have been thinking about purchasing a sail canopy for your exterior, here are a few things to consider to ensure that you buy the right sun sail for your outdoor space.

    First, you need to identify the location where you want to install your outdoor sunshade to help you think through the amount of protection that particular area will need. The shape of the shade cover also plays a vital role and will be based entirely on the function it needs to fulfill. Therefore, your decision should be based on the size and shape of the sun sail canopy you need. Consider the fact that sunshade for houses come in three shapes: square, rectangle, and triangle. 

    The last important aspect to pay attention to is whether you want one large sun shade or if you prefer to combine multiple shade structures to create a dramatic effect. In case you have opted for multiple hanging shade sails, leave a gap of about 18 inches between each one to prevent them from rubbing against each other in windy seasons.

    3. How to install sun shade sail ?

    Ans: When you decide to expand your patio and deck area, you can do so by adding a new outdoor living space by placing patio sun shade outside your home. Apart from its exceptional appearance, a sail shade canopy can protect you and your family from the extreme heat outdoors.

    Installing a sun shade is a fairly simple job, as long as you make sure you go through several key steps. Here's our handy installation guide.

    • Selecting your sun sail location is the key first step before beginning installation.
    • The next thing is to check that you have mounting points around the area where you would like to have your sunshade.
    • Mark the positions of your anchor posts by placing your outdoor shade structure on the ground and mark their position for the post.
    • Attach the porch sails to a sturdy fixing point like a metal pole, wall, large tree, or fence posts.
    • Make all the attachment points right at the corners of the shade so you can make use of the accompanying sun shade hardware.
    • Connect all the mounting points and brackets, make sure all the points are facing the center of the sail shade.
    • Tighten until all the wrinkles on the sunshade are gone and you are pleased with the shade it is creating.

      4. Where to buy sun shades for patio ?

      Ans: Nothing is better than making the most out of your outdoor spaces, but it would be difficult if the harmful rays of the sun are always shining down on you. A modern-day solution is a sturdy, easy-to-install deck shade sail that can effectively block out the sunlight.

      If you are looking for the best sun shade sail online then you are on the right track. At TableclothsFactory, we offer two shapes of outdoor canopy: rectangle shade sails and triangle shade sails which will indeed provide you the functionality and an overflowing charm for less. Create a shaded oasis in the patio, deck, garden, pool, or wherever you need a shelter to comfortably engage in outdoor activities throughout the day. 

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